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Automatics need some Love too

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> BA-BB /CA-CD' started by timEspeed, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. timEspeed

    timEspeed Senior Member

    Has anyone heard of swapping an h22 with the Prelude CV Transmission into a '91 accord? I ask about this for many reasons, including the awesome potential af CVTs. That and the power of persuassion that an auto transam with an LT1 engine and Paxton SC has. My goal is the "instant torque with a nudge of the throttle" kinda feeling.
  2. tab

    tab Super Moderator

    Constant Velocity Transmission? Do you mean automatic?

    I have automatic, and they can be potent if built right.

    Oh, turbocharger>supercharger, unless you want partial boost at 1000 rpms.

    You have to take into account the static compression of the H22. The high compression gives you good throttle response, and with a turbo the boost would kick by 2-3k no problem.

    My .02
  3. brian11to1

    brian11to1 Senior Member

    sorta like ugly chicks and fat chicks right? Well they aint getting it from me!

    When my integra was an automatic i was told to boost it, I would never miss a shift. So go for it, it will work.
  4. blm143

    blm143 Junior Member

    i have a 90 accord auto but want to convert to 5 spd. do you guys think that would be good?or what kind of swap should i do and convert to 5 spd at same time?
  5. UDT

    UDT Senior Member

    Yes, if you can afford it yes.
  6. brian11to1

    brian11to1 Senior Member

    You can use any prelude or accord transmission when converting an Accord/Prelude to manual. Yes, it is worth it.

    pedal assembly
    clutch resevoir
    clutch ahrd lines
    clutch master cylinder
    shift CABLEs
    clutch kit
    transmission (any except Prelude SH)
    shift lever
    brake fluid for clutch
    shfiter stabilzer (may as well replace it with a prothane or ES unit while its out.)
  7. sleepn_accord

    sleepn_accord Senior Member

    I have a JDM H22A w/ LSD AT and I'm still faster than most b16 hatchbacks..

    I ran low 14's at the track..

    My buddy has a 5 spd and got high 14's.

    IMHO, especially if you have a lot of traffic to sit in..

    stay automatic. I love the look on people's face when my automatic chirps 2nd gear.. :lol:
  8. brian11to1

    brian11to1 Senior Member

    There's a girl who drives an AUTO mustang that chirps 3rd. That fugger is quick.
  9. sleepn_accord

    sleepn_accord Senior Member

    ahhh... but does it run on rice!? :huh: :lol:
  10. brian11to1

    brian11to1 Senior Member

    no. good point she has a shift kit also
  11. tab

    tab Super Moderator


    I love the look they give you. :D
  12. timEspeed

    timEspeed Senior Member

    My question is if Icould put the CVT in an Accord along with the H22 and how would I do it? I'm thinkin just the tranny and ECU but how else would this vary from your average H22 swap? What models did this transmission come in?
  13. reckedracing

    reckedracing TTIWWOP


    the only look i would give you is what the fuck is wrong with you...? and uhm... good luck changing the auto trans in 15K miles if you keep beating it like that...

    ask any racer... and REAL racer... :)

    auto is good for stop and go and commuting... but uhm... if you enjoy driving then you'll go with a 5 speed...
  14. timEspeed

    timEspeed Senior Member

    Yeah, I own 3 5spd cars. Ever hear of purpose built tuning? Well I have my reasons for doing so, one of them stated above. If you don't have any thing constructive to add, read my sig--->
  15. sleepn_accord

    sleepn_accord Senior Member

    I don't think the tranny is "only going to last 15K".

    (Besides they're only $300 apeice).. but the tranny was designed to shift at 7200. Meaning it's not being forced to hold the higher RPM's (by me..well all that often).. the computer is telling it to do so.
  16. timEspeed

    timEspeed Senior Member

    by reprograming the computer via engine management sysem I can change the shift points or hold the motor at peak power while changing gear ratios. Similar to how the insight does it except tuned for power instead of fuel economy. The codes for the tranny take 3 input signals from the TPS, RPM and the VSS. They are 3 3-D maps at are optimized for economy, performance and something else (can't remember). By altering these maps and optimizng them trough tuning I'll have one bad setup. So thank me for my excellent idea. If I swap into a '93 accord, which prelude do I get the engine/tranny from? Are there CVT's in the JDM H22's?
  17. tab

    tab Super Moderator

    I've never heard that CVT term before you said it. H22 Automatics were only in Japan(At least with the OBD 1 engines). 92-96 JDM H22A Automatic swap is what you are looking for. Adjust the shift points all you like, I just hold each gear manually until I want the car to shift. Regular cruising is fine in D3 or D4. My car is in D3 a lot, since I live close to downtown.
  18. timEspeed

    timEspeed Senior Member

    A CVT is a Continuously Varible Transmission. It has an 'infinite' number of gear ratios adjusted by the ECU. You know, "manumatic"? I'm not talking about a 5 speed or conventional automatic.
  19. timEspeed

    timEspeed Senior Member

  20. timEspeed

    timEspeed Senior Member

    guess not.

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