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B series engine into Acura 1.6EL

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by silverline, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. silverline

    silverline New Member

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    Feb 22, 2012
    Hi all,

    Thinking of doing a swap, not me but a mechanic, but I wanted to come in here to get some opinions first because going ahead of it as I'm not sure if it will work.

    The host vehicle is a 2000 Acura 1.6EL (automatic) with 350,000kms on the body. Everything stock, no rust, rust proofed, garage stored. So I'm thinking of swapping in a B series engine that is currently in a 1995 Civic CX hatch. I was planning to just get the Civic h/b and drive it but the rear-quarter panel is already rusted and has a hole so I'm not sure how well it holds up in Canadian winter. That is a track car. I don't have either in possession, but are currently for sale. The 1.6EL has the same body as the '06-'00 4dr Civic.

    So here's the list that I wish to swap from the Civic:

    Custom-made B head and block, reconditioned
    ACL race series engine main/rod/thrust bearings
    Aftermarket intake pipe @ 2.75 in
    ARP head studs
    Civic SIR water pump
    Civic type R N1 crank pulley
    Civic type R pistons @ 81.5mm
    Custom-fit magnaflow catalyst @ 2.5"
    OEM 240cc injectors
    Ferrea 5000 series valves at stock size
    Ferrea valve guides
    Gates 170F thermostat
    Integra type R style 70mm throttle body
    JDM B16A block - bore up to 81.5mm, stock stroke
    Megan racing 4-1 header with 2.5in outlet
    OEM/NGK laser Platium spark plugs
    NGK ignition wires
    RS-R Exmag GT2 CBE
    Samco sport silicone rad. hoses
    Skunk2 dual valve springs
    Skunk2 pro series intake manifold
    Skunk2 titanium valve retainers
    Skunk2 tuner series camshafts stage 2
    Spoon high CR 2-piece head gasket
    Spoon thermo-switch
    Spoon hi-pressire radiator cap
    Stock crank and con’rods
    USDM B16A3 cylinder head
    96GSR fuel pump
    KOYO OEM style radiator

    a tuned unit from speed innovations @ Florida
    Full Throttle launch @ 3200revs
    CEL shift light @ 8500revs
    Rev limit @ 9200revs
    VTEC switchover @ 5000revs

    Tranny/ Driveline
    98 JDM ITR helical LSD tranny with 4.7 Final
    Exedy stage2(3-puck) clutch kit with normal thickness
    Exedy FF01 lightweight flywheel
    Hasport shift linkages w/ energy suspension bushings
    skunk2 short shifter
    energy suspension 3 pcs engine mount

    Function and form type 2 coilover - dampening,spring preload,full length adjustable, w/ Swift springs F18k R16k(will include the 8k6k setup that came with the coilover kit)
    energy suspension front lower arm bushings (haven't install the rears)
    megan racing rear lower control arm
    ASR style rear subframe brace
    password JDM style front 3 point strut bar
    92 GSR front brake conversion w/ brembo blanks and HP+ pad w/ earl's SS brake hose
    GSR rear disc conversion with hawk HP+ pads w/ earl's SS brake hose
    energy suspension trailing arm bushings
    96 GSR brake booster+master cylinder
    95 SI HB proportioning valve 40/40

    That is what's currently on the Civic.
    Firstly, should I even consider doing this?

    If so, then I would like to know if the 1.6EL, going from A/T to M/T, is possible using the ITR tranny?
    In addition, are the parts compatible and could everything be swapped to the newer car or some parts will be left out?
    Would any modification need to be done, such as drilling holes, fitment issues?
    Lastly, will I be able to retain the power features such as heated mirrors, sunroof, windows, etc?
    This will be used for a DD, but will be a very mean one.

    Thanks in advance for your input.
  2. Matts96HB

    Matts96HB . Moderator VIP

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    Apr 16, 2006
    It will be a lot of work to get the engine in the EL and running properly. You can use the EL harness and an obd2>obd1 conversion harness. You'll also need to do an auto > manual conversion which is quite a bit of work. IIRC, you have to weld in the mount for the manual shift linkage, and also add the clutch pedal. It sounds to me like you'd be better off saving the cash you'd spend on getting the EL and having a body shop repair and re-paint the Civic.
  3. RHDism

    RHDism Right Hand Drive guru

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    May 1, 2011
    Your kidding... right? :cool:
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