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b series stroker kit

Discussion in 'Engine Building' started by crxfreak, Jul 1, 2003.

  1. crxfreak

    crxfreak Member

    Ok i was looking up engine kits because a good way to gain power is to go inside ur engine...i found a 3430 crower or eagle(close i think not sure u know what i mean tho) forged crank and forged rods with choice of pistons....its a stroker kit for the b20 to make it a 2.2 litter, but very strong parts....i have a 90 b18a in my crx and i was wondering if that kit would work in my engine...i mean it should right? not too much differance between the b20 and b18 besides head chambers are a little bigger right?? so say it does fit..it makes a b20 a 2.2 liter then a b18 would become??? 2.0?? i want to do the stroker kit with a mild to medium cam.... one with good low to mid range since its non vtec.....rebuild the head with stainless valve guides and and some good springs retainers and valves...this wont take place for awhile because im in the military so it will take me a bit till i get back from where im goin...u think all this is a good idea??? the kit was only 2000...cams 350-450....valves were 350-420!!! not sure about rest....also i was looking at the skunk 2 intake manifold for the ls motors...i wanted it becuase its aftermarket...cheap...and still smog legal cause i live in cali...maybe a jg throttle body let me know what u think is a good rebuild.....
  2. pissedoffsol

    pissedoffsol RETIRED

    if its for a b20, its not going to work in your LS.

    the b20 is 84mm bore, while the LS is 81mm

    In my opinion, a stroker kit is a waste of money unless you have done EVERYTHING else to the motor and still need more power.

    kit = 2000
    + 1000 to sleeve your block to 84mm
    + 450 for cams
    + 1000 for valve train to hold said cams
    + 500 in head work to get enough air in the crap flowing LS head to make the cams worthwhile

    = 5000 for a 180 hp motor

    you're better off doing other things...
  3. crxfreak

    crxfreak Member

    well my friends dad has a machine shop where he build angines resleeves and bores rebuilds head all that himself....and damn if all that is only gonna let me push 180 f that...i mean a high flow fuel pump,aem fuel rail bigger injectors,msd ignition kit+distributor,street strip cams,port and polish head, full exhaust, aem intake,unorthodox pulley and accessorie pulleys, skunk 2 manifold and jg edelbrock throttle body...i mean right there i should be able to hit 200hp right there no prob...after all that then maybe a stroker kit...maybe have it all bored out .20 or .30 over and just get forged everything for the b18a would work...
  4. B16

    B16 Super Moderator

    for that money though, you could just get an ITR motor..

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