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B Serires into EK Civic

Discussion in 'Swap Articles' started by Tim@Canspeed.com, Apr 23, 2005.

  1. Tim@Canspeed.com

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    Jan 22, 2004
    Assuming you will be using the same vintage drivetrain as the car here are the Honda part numbers for the 3 main mounts you will require.

    All mounts from 99-00 Honda Civic SiR (US Si)
    Note: The transmission mounts are for the 99-00 SiR tranny. If someone could confirm that they would also fit the Integra transmissions it would make this thread more usefull! the T-Belt mount will fit any B Series engine however.)

    Timing Belt Mount
    Part # 11910-P30-000
    (Mount bolts to the block underneath the timimg belt cover)

    Transmission Mount (top) **Update: All hydraulic trans use the same mount, therefore this mount is not required**
    Part # 50825-S04-000

    Rear Mount (t-shaped bracket)
    Part # 50827-S04-N10

    Torque Mounts left/right
    I don't have these part numbers. If anyone can contribute it would be appreciated.
    The transmission torque mount required will be for any Integra 94-up and Civic Si (Canadian SiR) 99-00. The A/C torque mount will be specific to the engine you have.

    All three mounts retail for about $200.00 CDN direct from Honda.

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