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b16a sirII into DA

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by rcoolb2002, Jan 15, 2005.

  1. rcoolb2002

    rcoolb2002 Member

    I just got a 90 integra GS for free. I figure i will go ahead and put my mildly built sir2 b16a in the car with the ls tranny. Any kind of idea what kinda time it should run with traction? I work on civics all day long but dont really know that much about the weight etc of the tegs.

    The motor: sir2 b16a, head milled .015, high flow valve job, mild port on the intake side of the head, pr3 pistons, sir2 cams, unorthodox pulleys, 4-1 long tube header ( 1.75" primaries, 3" collector, 3-> 2.5 reducer flexpipe)

    running a stock p30 ecu. I plan to get some STR cam gears .. just not this week.
    Do the ears on the b18a1 disty line up with the b16a head?

    Any ideas or suggestions regarding this swap would be appreciated.
  2. Citizen_Insane

    Citizen_Insane Senior Member

    Probably pretty slow. that b16 has maybe 180hp tops and the ls tranny is really longly geared. That and tegs aren't the lightest cars (when comparing to hatches and CRX's). So I would say its good for a mid 15 sec run, but thats just pulling shit out of my ass. I would reccomend you sell the GS, buy a CRX put the SiRII in that and use a b16 cable tranny. That setup plus good tires and driving would proably net you a low 13 sec run.
  3. rcoolb2002

    rcoolb2002 Member

    180 hp? You've got to be kidding. Its 170 stock and you think i only got 10hp with what ive got done?

    Ive got a EG hatch, just wanted to leave that as a daily driver for now, its going to get the b16 later on.

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