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b16a turbo vs ls/vtec turbo

Discussion in 'Engine Building' started by tuppscivic, Nov 12, 2005.

  1. tuppscivic

    tuppscivic Junior Member

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    Aug 21, 2005
    I recently picked up a L.A. Sleeved b16a block that I was planning to use on my 99 si b16 motor. I no longer have that motor, but through a trade, picked up a blown darton sleeved ls/vtec block. The ls block was 84mm bore and was blown after 300 miles (previous owner had the motor built through a local shop, and they didnt file the rings properly). The cp pistons and head are junk, but the crower rods and ls crank are still good. The motor will have to be bored to 85mm. The motor as a 1.8l ls/vtec turbo (drag turbo kit) ran a 12.1 in a full interior 99 si. The question is which motor would you build for big numbers? I am looking to keep the car steetable, but want to get into the 12's if not faster (have a little competition going with a buddy that ownes a supercharged mustang 12.9 stock). The motor will probly be going into a 93 Civic Cx hatch.

    here is a list of parts I have for the build so far:

    b16 L.A. sleeved block 84mm bore
    - JE 8.5/1 pistons
    - eagle rods (no caps)
    - b16 crank

    ls/vtec darton sleeved block 85mm bore
    - Crower rods (no pistons)
    - ls crank

    set-up that was on the 12 sec ls/vtec
    - accel stand alone
    - aeromotive adj. fuel pressure reg.
    - 660cc injectors dont know what brand off hand
    - drag turbo kit t3/4 turbo
    - str fuel rail
    - msd ignition
    - msd in-line fuel pump
    - act stage 6 clutch
    - fluidine radiator

    other parts
    - 99 b16 head w/type r intake manifold and throttle body
    - 99 si aem plug and play stand alone
    - 370cc rc injectors
    - 310cc rc injectors
    - aem fuel rail
    - Fmax turbo kit t3/4
    - integra type-r trans w/stock lsd
    - 99 si b16 trans
    - clutchmasters 9lb flywheel
    - fidanza 7.5lb flywheel
    - fidanza stage 2 cermetallic clutch
    - Full b18c gsr swap currently in my other hatch if you think i should use a b18 head insted of the b16.

    Any suggestions much appreciated.
    thanks for looking
  2. hotrex

    hotrex Senior Member

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    Sep 9, 2005
    1.8 will make more power and tq on the same boost levels,

    i built a b16a though because at the time it was alot cheaper.

    its a toss up. either will not dissappoint you.
  3. tuppscivic

    tuppscivic Junior Member

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    Aug 21, 2005
    Im a little worried about the ls build because 85mm is the biggest bore that darton sleeves can support. I did talk to a local shop and he said go for it.
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