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B16a2 into 1997 Coupe with D16 - HARNESS questions and IMOBILIZOR

Discussion in 'ECU's, Electronics, and Tuning' started by Vapochilled, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. Vapochilled

    Vapochilled New Member

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    Sep 1, 2008
    Dear All,

    I'm swapping my D16y8 on a 1997 coupe.

    It has obd2a harness.

    The motor its from 2000. Obd2b, BUT I MANAGED TO GOT A obd2a ECU

    Question 1 :
    - I have the Obd2a hardness from D16y8 Vtec.
    - I have the obd2a ECU from a B16a2
    - Can i use this harness? Or do i also need a obd2a harness from a B16a2 because of knock sensors?

    Question 2:
    - I had a great deal and i've buyed a P30
    - I also have Obd2a to Obd1
    - The motor mounted its the B16a2 obd2
    - The harness its obd2a also, but its from a D16
    - Can use this setup? Or am i missing knock vtec sensors? Do i also need the b16a2 obd2a harness?

    Mainly my question is: If you have a D16Y8 Obd2a harness. Can you use it on B16a2 obd2 motor and obd2a B16 ECU? Or do you need the trully harness from a B16 obd2a because of some vtec sensors?

    Question 3:
    - Whats the CKF trick? Do i need it?

    Question 4:
    - Can i use my imobilizor? Or can i swap it (unsold / sold) from my original obd2a D16 ECU to the obd2a B16 ECU?

    - How can i bypass the imob if i change ECU since the ECU its from the original motor? Everything its obd2a

    Question 6:
    - If i use the P30 with conversion obd2a to obd1
    - What are your tips ?

    Question 7:
    - Im going to put a B18c5 distributor from a ITR
    - The motor will be a B16a2 from 2000
    - The harness is obd2a
    - I've looked closer and it looks plug and play. Do i connect it? Or do i need some change?

    Thank you very much for your support
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