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b16a2 into 91 crx si

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by crxsk8er, Aug 5, 2004.

  1. crxsk8er

    crxsk8er Member

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    Jul 27, 2003
    i need to kno everything im going to have to do i have the ecu and a b16 cable tranny i need to kno what wiring im goign to have to do and what im going to have to buy

    if anyone has a link to a site with info could you let me kno

    im doing the swap soon and need it running quick

  2. racingtopher

    racingtopher Member

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    Dec 23, 2003
    You'll need
    1. Mounts (i used Hasport)
    2. Shift linkage from Hasport or a modified Tegs
    3. 88-91 Sir axles and inter or 90-93 Teg axels and inter.
    4. 93 teg upper and lower radiator hoses (i think you can use the 90-93)

    If your going OBD-1 You need to get a OBD-0 to OBD-1 Harness, much easier and worth the money. I did it the hard way. And the OBD-1 engine harness. You'll have to use the injectors and plugs, distributor plugs, and o2 sensor and plugs. and splice it in to your si harness.

    If you are going OBD-0 then you'll need a jumper harness to hook up the vtec and an OBD-0 Dist, ECU for a B16a.

    I might have left some things out. Will post more if i remember anything else.
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