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B16B Swap Question

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by punhatch, May 8, 2006.

  1. punhatch

    punhatch Junior Member

    Hi all,
    I'm a new member of Hondaswap, just spent a few hours sourcing some information about swapping B18B into my EK. However, i'm not in US therefore, my civic model number will be a bit different than those in the state.
    I'm currently driving a D16Y7 Turbocharged 1999 Civic EK. And i believe it is DX/LX model in the state.
    As what my research from this site show that if i'm doing a B16B swap, it is completely bolt in swap, however Vtec needs to be wired.
    Here is the point which i'm confuse. Base on my car has different guage cluster and where the engine seat is totally different positionthan a B16B. How can it be a completelly bolt-in swap? Or is it only a completely bolt-in swap for 99-00 SI?
    Also i would like to know that is 99-00 SI Loom is same as B16B wiring Loom?

    I know there's a lot of questions for my first post... Sorry about that...

    Looking forward for all members kind reply.
  2. get_nick

    get_nick These snozzberries taste like snozzberries...

    it's a bolt in, by stating that you can just bolt in the new b series mounts. depending on what b16b swap you get, you will have to modify the wire for vtec, and that's it. i would personally just keep a turbocharged d series myself. the b16b is more expensive and you have a nice setup already.
  3. punhatch

    punhatch Junior Member

    Thankx for your reply.

    So by what you said before, all i need is actually the B Series Mount for the engine, transmission, AC bracket as well as a new radiator (Can use existing one but just new tube i guess)

    I had bought the entire engine to ECU loom from Japan, so this should make things more easier.

    Just one more question, do Honda Still supply brand new gearbox? Or i can actually use B16A gearbox on B16B CTR engine?
    What is the difference between those two gearbox?


    GSRCIVICTN Lost in a sea of rednecks

    Honda does still sell new transmissions for the b-series.
    The b16a and b16b transmissions are interchangeable.
    Depending on what B16a version you have, most likely the only difference is that the B16b has a limited slip differential.
  5. punhatch

    punhatch Junior Member

    Just check with one of the shop, they can get brand new gearbox :mrgreen:

    Um.. off topic. What about B18C ITR engine into EK?

    Use Integra Engine mount and transmission mount, what about the gearbox? Is it a bolt on gearbox into EK from Integra gearbox? Also teh engine to ECu harness? I assume have to use the integra harness as well.

    Also what about the guages??? I thought they have different guage.

    Correct me if i'm wrong...
  6. qtmac_mien

    qtmac_mien Senior Member

    any b series will bolt up to a civic..the harness all u need to do is just modify it urself..it sounds complicating but it really isnt..just lay out the stock b series harness and the stock civic harness and mark which plug is which and it will plug up..for vtec and knock sensor and other stuff all u need to do is just cut off a plug from the b series harness and solder and wire from the plug to the ecu..even tho they have diff. gauge clusters ur stock civici cluster will still work if u hook up the sensors correctly.
  7. punhatch

    punhatch Junior Member

    Oh ok.. Cos mine guage cluster is for DX, therefore, the RPM limit is different than b series rpm.

    Guess no matter i go for B16B CTR or B18C5 ITR, all i need to do is redo the wire to the correct sensor. :) I got the CTR cluster already.

    So the ITR gearbox will bolt on to EK as well... um didn't know that.

    And i realize My existing ECU plug have 3 plugs, and i reckon the USDM DX have only 2 plugs.... therefore, i find it's a bit complicated when i was searching the information about the ECU.

    But anyway thankx for all the information.

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