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B17 Engine On 92 Gsr

Discussion in 'Engine Building' started by joshtims, Jan 22, 2003.

  1. joshtims

    joshtims Junior Member

    I just wanted to know if anyone knew the ups and downs of the B17a engine in the 1992 acura integra GSR. I just bought one recently and plan to gut it out and put in new pistons and all and then put in turbo (i already have a nos regulator for it) so i was wondering if that would be a good idea to use the stock engine

    if you could reply as soon as possible that would be great! or if you have any other modifications to put in (i have a cold air intake and custom exhaust and all new plug wires)

    also could anyone tell me where to get a sweet deal on poppers and what kind do you recommend because i shaved my door handles off and am using my windows on a remote to get in and want poppers

    thank you and i'm sorry for all the freakin questions :huh:
  2. pissedoffsol

    pissedoffsol RETIRED

    its basically a b16

    no one talks about it cuz its rare as hell... and worth a lot of money actually..
    if i were you, id try to sell it for 5000 if its in good shape and score myself a jdm itr swap with lsd tranny, but hey thats me =)
  3. sohc em

    sohc em Member

    just like pissedoffsol said its basically a b16a obd1 motor just with lower compression 9 something, but i doubt anyone would pay you 5 grand for the motor, unless you are really good salesman, even for the entire swap because the tranny that originally is with that motor is cable and you can get a 1st gen b series swap for about a grand now, and for 5 grand you could easily get a ITR motor swap comlete(actually a lot less), but the b17 is great for boost 9-11psi(perhaps more) on a safely operated system due to its low comp ratio and an effecient fuel system. The B17A is really rare due to the fact that it wasn't produced in the japanese domestic market and only used in 92-93 Acura Integra GSR models, i've heard its more rare than the Type R engine and i can believe that.
  4. Domeskilla

    Domeskilla Senior Member

    the only type r you are getting for below 5k is a 96-97 swap. As for the b17 being more rare then the type r.. uhh, of course. The type r has been in production since 96 and in the states for the last ~4 yrs. So, they aren't very rare.

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