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b18 eg high rev and funny steering

Discussion in 'Civic and del Sol - EG and EK' started by stoopidb18eg, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. stoopidb18eg

    stoopidb18eg New Member

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    Apr 22, 2011
    Hi everyone i bought a 93 dx hatch yesterday with a b18 swap. Its my third hatch, but my first with any kind of swap so im not too famaliar with this. Im sure these questions are on here but i have been searching and have come up empty. I was told its a jdm b18 swap when i bought it. After searching i found it was to be true because it just says b18b with no a1 or b1. I was wondering if there is a certain ecu i should be using since it is a jdm version. I know usdm will work but i believe the jdm has different mapping if there even is a jdm ecu. The car runs absolutly perfect with no check engine lights and everything under the hood looks like it came that way. I cant find one wire that looks like it has been spliced or soldered.
    Everything looks like it plugs right in. Is that correct even tho its jdm? I have a problem with the steering that i will get to but my biggest concern is how it revs. When i start the car when its cold it fires right up but idles at 3grand for a good 3-5 min. After its warm it idles perfect but after it sits long enough to cool like a couple hours it does it again. The check engine light comes on when its first started like all the other lights do so i know it works but what ever it is its not throwing any codes. Im stumped.
    Ok the steering. My suspension is great there is no rattles shakes or funny sounds and rides real smooth but when you accel and decel the steering washes all over the road. Like driving shifting through gears when you hit the clutch to shift the steering wheel pulls hard one way after you shift and let off the clutch it pulls hard the other way and its really dangerous. I cant figure this out either. Nothing looks bent but i did notice with my wheels straight that the driver axle looks like its to long kinda like its kinked up. my passenger side looks fine. I read on here that it should have the teg axles so i know that much. Could this be whats wrong? I just dont know why one side would be fine.
    I know this is a lot to take in from a newbie so i dont expect much. If you cant help me on everything, then what you do know would still be greatly appreciated. I love my car more than my testicles, so please help me fix it.
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