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B18B1 into a 90Integra DA9: Help with two sensors and vaccum cfg. pop yer hood 4 me!

Discussion in 'Integra' started by s3rv1cet3ch, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. s3rv1cet3ch

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    Jul 28, 2006
    Someone will probably ask why all the trouble for 12+- ponies? Ill tell ya not in it for the minimal gains at all. I had a nice DC4 totaled in an accident. No full coverage and I'm awaiting the outcome of all this. In the meantime I need a car, FAST. Bought a clean DA9 "shell" well, everything minus a motor and some misc. things here and there. Just got it from a friend that helped me out for like $200 needs paint though.
    Now, it had all different mounts if i remember correctly. P/S hose is definately different so i removed it. Manifold switched. Got stock intake for differnt vacuum situation. Anyone know where the second small vacuumm nipple connects too from the intake? There is three hookups. My USDM acura factory manual is for 92-3. It only shows two on the vacuum diagram. Next, although I've been pondering on the solution to this next major hold up problem. I have yet to figured out what to do. A (B18A1) block has three connections by the oil filter. B1 block has one. B1's was oil pressure I do believe the single connector. What should I do about the other two?
    Its throwing a code 6 i think it was. I think that is the coolant temp code I believe. Correct me if im wrong or point me to an OBD0 integra ECU PR4 code list. Im confused. I thought on the B block the coolant was on the side of the head. I missing like three connections ! If you know a solution to this I'd love to hear it out. Im wondering if i can just switch over the sensors since i have all of them on an extra a1 block. The B seems to have spots for them. If i just run the car like that what are the negative impacts? It does fire up. Also my diagrahm sucks and I know there are supposed to be metal rails that tee the vacuum behind the manifold (intake). Can someone tell me for sure where the purge evap and the FPR soleniods connect to exatcly? I got one teed off and connected to the canister. Is that right? Sorry for the book but I cant find anyone whos done this simple conversion.

    Any input greatly appreciated,

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