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B18B1 v. B18A1 v. B20 Cams

Discussion in 'Engine Building' started by brian11to1, Apr 11, 2004.

  1. brian11to1

    brian11to1 Senior Member

    Alright - here's my dilema, Im trying to choose between whcih cams to run.. I dnt have cash to shell for aftermarket so im doin the next best thing, using OEM shit.

    I can get a set of 97 B18B1 cams for $50 shipped... are b20b/z's better?

    I assume the B18B1's are better than my A1's considering they are from a 90 nad the 90-91 LS cams sucked, 92-93 they steped em up a bit. So are my assumptions correct in assuming hte B18B1 cams are better than the B20B/z's and the 90-90 LS'? Thanks

    here's specs on the B18B1 -
    Intake Duration - Advertised / @ .050" = 220/222 < B, I fixed that
    Exhaust Duration - Advertised / @ .050" = 185/187 < B, I fixed that
    Gross Lift (w/1.75) - Intake/Exhaust = .395/.380

    Specs on the B20B/Z, anyone?

    Specs on the B18A1 (from 90-93), anyone?
    Intake Duration - Advertised / @ .050" = 224/226
    Exhaust Duration - Advertised / @ .050" = 188/190
    Gross Lift (w/1.75) - Intake/Exhaust = .395/.380

    It's just a comparison of which is better... this may also go into the B Series non-VTEC cam specs in the reference section
  2. pissedoffsol

    pissedoffsol RETIRED

    b20b/x are the exact same as the b18b1.
    the head is the eaxct same unit. the only difference really is the IM
  3. JDM B20 EH2

    JDM B20 EH2 Junior Member

    i know that is from a while back but the b18b intake cam is bigger by .0275than the b20b. the exhaust cam is the same size. the b20z is the same size as the b18b.
  4. brian11to1

    brian11to1 Senior Member

    and there's the p8r head, which is completely different than the p75 heads.
  5. JDM B20 EH2

    JDM B20 EH2 Junior Member

    byw its a b20z not x. as brian said there is also the p8r head with 33mm vales and a 84mm combustion chamber bore.
  6. kaoskustoms

    kaoskustoms Senior Member

    i waqqnt to know this 2 i have been reseraching this and have not come up with a good answer yet h-t ahas a lot oof good tech articals but now one has proven if the b20z cams are the same as b18b
  7. JDM B20 EH2

    JDM B20 EH2 Junior Member

    look in the haynes manual for the specs. it says. b18b/b20z intake 1.3274 and exhaust is 1.3200 and on the b20b intake is 1.3027 and exhaust is 1.3200

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