B18c swap tips

My bad so late on reply. U can use obd1-obd0 alternator there the same. Even obd2 alternator juss cut and splice the green plug to ur engine harness all color all same just plugs are diffrent. Vacum line do get deleted u will only use the vacume line already atached 2 gsr engine (no vacume lines on chasis cuz they all on engine). And the remedy for code 20 electrical over load is u have 2 change the lil fuse box in engine bay and replae with 94-01 integras fuse box. That's the only way 2 fix it I've done it about 3 times iono why this code comes up but that is my remedy :) this is the far most easiest swap ever 4 me I done this sw ap about 13 times in my life time lol anyways any questions hit me up ok don't be shy. sal.24.408@mail.com
Also, I was doing some work on my car earlier, and was planning the swap. Basically with the information provided above, everything seems to be figured out. However, while looking at my motor and how the gsr will fit, I noticed all the friggin vacuum lines EVERYWHERE! Would I just be able to remove these since there wont be any sensors or electronics looking for them on the gsr motor? There's literally vacuum lines everywhere on these motors. Advice?
Don't touch those vacume lines u gona need em for AIB and the little map censor on back the 1 with 3 vacume line coming outa it. The only vacume line that u gana put on canister is a long vacume line that connects to that lil map censor. The 1 with a lil hat lol. That it u don't even have 2 but yea

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ok so i read all the post and ima make it clear for this poor kid and who ever decides too do OBD1 engines on OBD0 chasis.

1. u need a obd0_obd1 jumper harness. i got mine from jdmcarboy.com 99$ comes with instructions. and a pigtail for ur KS AIB Vtec and Vtec pressure switch.

2. u use the stock mounts all four including driver side block mount cuz we all knw driver side mounts are 2 pieces.

3. you use the stock DA 90-91 harness just like u was puting a stock b18a1 back in. just find some obd1 injector clips or u can even use obd_0 injectors.

ok knw with everything in ur garage/hands. you do this

1. get ur p72 ecu and obd0_obd1 jumperharness with its pigtail of wires, plug the jumper harness too ur chasis harness, plug in the p72 ecu to the jumper run the pig tail too thru the fire wall of engine bay put everything in the passenger side cover up and ur done with the inside. simple!!! :)

2. Drop ur b18c1 into ur DA chasis. conect the obd0 harness too ur b18c1 engine. cut and splice the obd1 injector clips. if ur using obd0 injectors then ur done with that. Simple!!! :)

3. run the pig tail to the sensors. wich are KS knock sencor, AIB Air Intake BypassValve, Vtec and Vtec presure switch. for this step u will need the directions that came with the jumper harness it should be easy! and for the Dizzy u can use the obd1 dizzy. wat i did is unpin the Dizzy Clips on my obd0 harness and got some obd1 plugs and pin them so it looks clean. or can buy a jumper for that aswell. or u can use the obd0 dizzy but u gona have too cut on of the legs so it would fit.

4. after ur done with ur engine wiring is done step back and zip ur Corona Extra :) lol. feels good dosent it LOL!...

5. after ur break is over. find a gsr throtle body cable cuz ur ls just wont fit! to change it juss twisted from fire wall then go inside and follow the gas peddal up and unhook it and replace it with the gsr TBC.

6. Put oils, fluid. pray ur engine is good double check everything. and crank it up!!!!!! hope this help bro. if u got Questions hit me up ill be more than happy too help u. these same steps can be use for 88-91 civic and CRX

ps. u may have CEL code 20 for electrical over load commen wen doin obd0_obd1 swaps if u run to it. hit me up i got the remedy for it lol.
Can u show me or tell me how to do the wiring for a gsr I got 91 integra obd0 n swapping gsr obd1 wat wires I need n how where to run the wires to becuz my engine harness is obd0