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B18c1 with no power in vtech

Discussion in 'Civic and del Sol - EG and EK' started by j429b, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. j429b

    j429b New Member

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    Jul 30, 2007
    B18c1 with no power in vtec

    I have a 1999 civic coupe with a gsr swap, rebuilt with integra type r internals, darton sleeves, Skunk 2 stage 2 cams and gears, skunk 2 pro series intake manifold, RC 310 injectors, hollowed cat, and hondata s300. I just had the engine compression tested and it is 240 psi in each cylinder, with like 5 cranks, like it is suppose to be. But the car is only making 140whp, at like 3 grand and as soon as vtec kicks in it hits a wall and drops off, so I am running it with vtec turned off. It was tuned at RT Tuning and Vince the mechanic there thinks it's because of the stock headers, but with real headers and tune he said it will make about 70 more whp. The guys over at Philly Dyno Works think my cams are too big and they said to go with integra type r cams, and headers. What do you think? Thanks
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  2. eg6sir

    eg6sir Supa Mod Moderator VIP

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    Aug 17, 2005
    661 BK CA
    thats probably because you dont have vtech ..
  3. welfare

    welfare Ancient Member

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    Apr 19, 2004
    New York
    stock headers are not going to hold back an engine by 70whp, if so then Im gonna run open headers next time at the track
    I would say that there is either a problem with the tuning or there is a problem with the VTEC solenoid.
    There is no such thing as too big of a cam, if you have cam gears, and the ability to tune then I would not downgrade the cams, it makes no sense,
    I would recommend a header, it will probably get you MAYBE 10whp, but it will help that engine flow better.
    I would take it and have it tuned and while your tuner is doing the tuning he will be able to figure out why the vtec is not working, unless he is an idiot in which case he shouldn't be tuning your car.
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