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B20b4 Turbo

Discussion in 'Engine Building' started by 94Civintegra, Apr 3, 2003.

  1. 94Civintegra

    94Civintegra Member

    Hey guys,

    Lets pretend I have a b20b4 block and a t3/t4 turbocharger.
    What head should I put on? b18 or b16? Im guessing the b18
    Okay so lets say I have a stock b20b4 with a stock b18 head on it
    and I have a t3/t4 turbocharger on it

    can anyone guess what PSI I can daily drive at? and what Ill get 1/4 mile on that.. its going into a 5th gen civic coupe
    thanks guys.
  2. dickman_jason1

    dickman_jason1 Junior Member

    you could daily drive at 7psi... you could run 14's maybe high 13's
  3. 94Civintegra

    94Civintegra Member

    Thats not good enough... I need to consistently beat 13.2
    So Im looking at high 12's at worst.

    What needs to be done to pull it?
  4. dickman_jason1

    dickman_jason1 Junior Member

    the highest boost you would probably want to run is 14psi on stock internals.
    the t3/t4 push a lot of cfm.
    my opinion just spend $800 on rods and pistons...then you could run 18 psi maybe a little more
    je pistons with 8.5:1
    eagle rods
    with 18 psi on a t3/t4 you would probably want to port & polish...
    with that you would beat 13.2 (running at 18)

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