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Basic and Easy upgrades to make power

Discussion in 'Engine Building' started by IIpower, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. IIpower

    IIpower Junior Member

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    Jun 5, 2006
    Hey I was hoping that I could get some good advice on what to get to make some basic and easy power. Like Intake manifold, exhaust, header, ect? What are the main things to get to get the HP up a lil more? Please list from experience what you have used and what you though about it.
  2. 95civicdxxx

    95civicdxxx New Member

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    Sep 12, 2006
    Something most people over look is heat soak.

    Buying a cold air intake does help bring in cooler air which is more dense than hot air, and does a great job of pulling more air than stock air filter/intake. However, this cool air doesn't stay long for too long, basically before it gets to the combustion chamber, its already Hot! So you want to cool your air charge as much as possible through some parts you can shield it from heat.

    Steps to improve the heat soak from the cylinder head are;

    1) Hondata Thermal Intake-manifold Gasket

    2) Throttlebody Spacer

    3) Cold Air Intake

    (NOTE: if you have a Cold air intake already, adjust the rubber fittings to their furthest extent, so that there's a space between each part of air intake piping, so that more heat is disapated. I adjusted mine and you can feel the piping stays cooler even on long drives, the less metal touching the air intake, the likeliness of it being cooler air.)

    My few hot spots are my throttle-body and my Intake manifold, that is what I intend on modding next I will install a throttle-body spacer and thermal intake gasket, but as I do that, but since I will be in there, I will also replace my stock intake manifold and throttlebody with Skunk2 TB and Manifold :D
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