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bb6 SH shell OBD2 Engine to OBD1 Engine

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> BA-BB /CA-CD' started by Kamren, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. Kamren

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    Aug 11, 2010
    Hey guys needing some help with my swap i wanna do with my car, I blew the motor earlier this summer, and now been looking for a motor to replace it. Ive searched high and low.. Found some good information and some bad, and yet still left question with everything.

    To start it off I own a 99 H prelude SH h22a4 OBD2. as everyone knows Atts unit comes with this set up of prelude, as i read forms and searched i came to find that most people didnt favor builiding the SH's it was 4g's and base 5g's that was a better platform, but i just cant get past the style of the 5g's. So that is what brought me to my research and questions.

    I'm planning, so far if my information is correct, to purchase an complete h22a OBD1 m/t trans ecu axles. Now i know to start this all of the things i need are,

    *Harness Jumper or OBD2 to OBD1
    * Wiring Harness from a 1994 H Prelude SI
    * Will need a custom splice of a few wires including Knock/Vtec/ (and few others but unsure, if you could jot a list of em would be awesome, but im pretty sure if i choose for ex. Rywire or something they will know which to add)

    Now when i was reading i was over looking that i needed to source out some parts from and OBD2 motor, but thats where i am confused. IF i am entirely running and OBD1 Setup why would i have to swap over the Oil pump assembly, Complete intake Man (they say easier todo then just injectors due to obd2 connections differ) and i believe they said Distributor as well since obd1 is internal while obd2 is external, dunno might have that mixed around. But idk if i could just get some solid information or a form post or site that covers this kind of conversion it would be much appreciated.

    What i plan on doing to the car is yet to be determined as in for NA or T, just atm i just want to breathe life back into my car and enjoy it. so you could really say NA for now, Thanks a ton in advance if any questions or left out information that you have questions too just ask.
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