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Bearings Identification

Discussion in 'Engine Building' started by hmtcrxsir, Jun 18, 2005.

  1. hmtcrxsir

    hmtcrxsir Member

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    May 28, 2005
    I got a D16z6 and I'm not sure which main/rod bearings to get but these are the letters I see on the block are B,A,B,B,C and for the Crank B3, 2,4,2,3 for main bearings.

    And for the rod bearings I see B3,D,B,B that is on the crank. And 4,4,4,3 on the rods. Do I take these numbers and letters to Honda and they will figure it out or do i tell them? Sorry guys, First time buying bearings. ;D

    And what other bearings should i buy other than the main/rod bearings? And how do i select which bearings to get from ACL since they are different than Honda OEM? Is it true that they are "universal" and will fit?
  2. abdelsol

    abdelsol Member

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    May 31, 2005
    Here is a chart posted on another site. It does not include the codes you ask about but I believe your Helms will have it. If you do not have one I highly suggest you get one. It's the best money you can spend on your car.
    Bearing Charts

    Main Bearing Set
    2.013-2.010 mm 0.0793"-0.0791"
    2.010-2.007 mm 0.0791"-0.0790"
    2.007-2.004 mm 0.0790"-0.0789"
    2.004-2.001 mm 0.0789"-0.0788"
    2.001-1.998 mm 0.0788"-0.0787"
    1.998-1.995 mm 0.0787"-0.0785"
    1.995-1.922 mm 0.0785"-0.0757"

    Conrod Bearing Set
    1.510-1.507 mm 0.0594"-0.0593"
    1.507-1.504 mm 0.0593"-0.0592"
    1.504-1.501 mm 0.0592"-0.0591"
    1.501-1.498 mm 0.0591"-0.0590"
    1.498-1.495 mm 0.0590"-0.0589"
    1.495-1.492 mm 0.0589"-0.0587"
    1.492-1.489 mm 0.0587"-0.0586"

    Main upper bearings (B16A, B18C, B18B, B20)
    13321-PR3-004 BLUE
    13322-PR3-004 BLACK
    13323-PR3-004 BROWN
    13324-PR3-004 GREEN
    13325-PR3-004 YELLOW
    13326-PR3-004 PINK
    13327-PR3-004 RED

    Main lower bearings (B16A, B18C, B18B, B20)
    13341-PR3-004 BLUE
    13342-PR3-004 BLACK
    13343-PR3-004 BROWN
    13344-PR3-004 GREEN
    13345-PR3-004 YELLOW
    13346-PR3-004 PINK
    13347-PR3-004 RED

    B18A/B18B/B20 Rod bearings
    13211-PR4-A02 BLUE
    13212-PR4-A02 BLACK
    13213-PR4-A02 BROWN
    13214-PR4-A02 GREEN
    13215-PR4-A02 YELLOW
    13216-PR4-A02 PINK
    13217-PR4-A02 RED

    GSR/ITR Rod bearings
    13211-P72-003 BLUE
    13212-P72-003 BLACK
    13213-P72-003 BROWN
    13214-P72-003 GREEN
    13215-P72-003 YELLOW
    13216-P72-003 PINK
    13217-P72-003 RED

    B16A/B17A Rod bearings
    13211-P30-003 BLUE
    13212-P30-003 BLACK
    13213-P30-003 BROWN
    13214-P30-003 GREEN
    13215-P30-003 YELLOW
    13216-P30-003 PINK
    13217-P30-003 RED

    edit: fixed location of begining text.
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