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bisi moto h2d swap

Discussion in 'Integra' started by rexsk8er, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. rexsk8er

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    Jul 10, 2005
    ok, so ive seen a few h2d swaps around useing bisi's adapter plate. also i saw a h2b swap.

    ok the cars an 88 acura integra rs, i have new cv axels new stg 3 clutch and a fairly new obx lsd. now the motors getting tired, so why should i buy all that stuff over again for a full b/h swap, when i could get the h in there with the a1 tranny, fab up one mount, a mount for the halfshaft, and use my new axels, clutch and keep the lsd and shift linkages and stuff

    the price of a b-swap adds up to over 3gs on the 1g teg. ive only seen hasport mounts, i know innovate mounts makes mounts for the 1g rex, but the rex has diffrent mounts to the body hince useing the crx/teg combo of mounts when you swap a d16a1 into a 1g rex. regardless, i can get an h22a4 for $500 dollars. my buddy gets discounts through the dealership he works for at local junkyards.

    no problem with the wiring i handled the efi conversion on my crx hf with a hybrid integra/crx harness i built. so no problem with the obd-1 conversions necessary.

    im just wondering if the necessiary cutting of the engine bay and frame rails (for clearance in the crx) will be required. i know the teg has a bigger engine bay but how much?

    anyone with any info or related swap articles or anything hit me up!
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