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Bought some ones problems B16 96 Civic EX

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by silkywilson, May 23, 2007.

  1. silkywilson

    silkywilson New Member

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    May 23, 2007
    Ok Im a 100% Honda Newb, I know search search search, and believe me I have, but I have to make sure the combo I got here is even possible to work correctly. Anyhow I bought the car 96 Civic EX advertised with B16 swap runs rough. I looked at the car runs rough wasn't close.. barely ran at all, anyhow after putting the plug wires on correctly it fixed about 70% of the problems. Now its got this wont run at partial throttle at all super jumpy, shudders badly unless at WOT, then it runs strong. Sitting at idle when it gets close to set at 700 RPMish, it starts the typical Honda jumping idle 500 RPM to 1500 RPM back and forth rather quickly. Here is what I have found or believe I have....

    B16A (im figuring B16A2 because it only has one 02 sensor before the cat (none on the upper manifold), there is another after the cat but I believe thats from the car not the swap)

    B18C1 head marked P71-1 ( from what ive read this should up my CR to approx. 10.4:1, this sort of crushes my turbo ideas)

    5 speed tranny marked S80-3001010 ( previous owner said he searched the vin and it comes from a Integra)

    and last but not least the ECU Marked P2P (believe this to be the cars original ECU OBD2 when I pulled it out the top cover was missing so I don't know who's been in it or for what)

    The previous owner said the car always ran like it needed a "tune" since the swap was done and it got progressively worse, he Added a Skunk2 70MM Throttle Body trying to fix the problem and of course no go... so its got that TB on it as well. Ive found the front o2 sensor was not connected and the rear one is hacked into some wires running to the ECU, I reconnected the front o2 sensor with no negative or positive effects. I have none of the original parts to swap back so my questions are, will these parts work? is there a better way? and where do I start?
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