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brake conversion

Discussion in 'General Tech and Maintenance' started by Periculum, Nov 28, 2004.

  1. Periculum

    Periculum Senior Member

    I've heard about converting the drum brakes on civics/CRXs to disc brakes in the back. I use my CRX for pizza delivery and Im wondering if it would be worth it to change out the drums for discs considering that im more concerned about safety and longevity than I am about performance (if that makes sense). If its only a minor difference, I dont see the point. If its huge, then I would want to do it. Especially cause I blew a tire a week ago cause I couldnt stop fast enough. (stupid no-blinker people)
  2. ryangt

    ryangt Senior Member

    ive done that swap on every crx ive owned and i wouldnt have it any other way, drums suck flat out so getting rid of them and trading for discs always makes a huge difference, you ever seen a performance car with rear drums?? well a newer one anyways? no cuz dums suck ass go for the swap its about 200 bucks and then you do the labor or give soemone 100 to do it for you
  3. Periculum

    Periculum Senior Member

    Will I be able to scavenge everthing that I need from the front of another CRX/civic?
  4. drpenguin

    drpenguin Senior Member

    No you will need to find a crx si and get the back from it. I think you can get them from a 90 -93 integra too. I plan on doing this but money is a bitch! The back ends bolt right up so its a somewhat no hassle job. Dont forget to get the break lines too! I would just change them all with steel braided if i were you!
  5. illmatik

    illmatik Senior Member

    well I heard it really doesnt make a difference since all the weight transfers to the front brakes, so if you looking for stopping power upgrade your front brakes instead of the rear which only do like 20-30% of the stopping.
  6. Citizen_Insane

    Citizen_Insane Senior Member

    Ahh, but where it does matter is cornering. Better brake balance will yeald better handling while braking in corners.
  7. Periculum

    Periculum Senior Member

    Well my question is the feel. do they feelbetter? regardless of how much more braking it does. To me its simply the matter of better overall performance, regardless of where it comes from. If the peeps who have done it say its better, I would assume it is.

    Will the parts from a 90-93 teg match up rather well, if not fully to the CRX?
  8. ryangt

    ryangt Senior Member

    the "feel" is much better, the brakes feel alot more solid and you definatly feel more confidence in your car, crxs are notoriously underbraked and i dont care what you argue about drums, discs are better drums are old and outdated technology and not worth the hastle, the disks are your best bet, the swap is easy, i used 93 teg rear setup with the brake lines prop valve and ebrake cable like i said before, i spent less than 200 and they came out awesome, make sure you change the rotors and pads while your at it and clean up the arms and give them some paint, why do it half assed right? DO also beef up your front brakes, they do take the brunt of the braking get a good set of crossdrilled rotors, i lean away from the slotted kind cuz they eat brakes pads weekly it seems haah, the drilled do the same thing but it takes a noticeable bit longer time for it to happen. You can use teg front brakes also if you want cuz they have better calipers and bigger rotors just make sure your wheels can fit the rotors behind them.

    email me if you have any other ?'s

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