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built mini me... redline and revlimiter??

Discussion in 'Engine Building' started by theB16tegguy, Nov 20, 2003.


Where can I safely rev my built mini me??

  1. stock: 7200

  2. a little over: 7500

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  3. more than 7500

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  4. less than 7

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  1. theB16tegguy

    theB16tegguy Senior Member

    Okay here are the mods:

    balanced crank, shot peened rods, new bearings, new rod and main bolts, D16a6 pistons, surfaced block, surfaced head(y8), and stock head with stage 1 crower cam and new honda head bolts.

    Thanks, I'm really concerned that if I take it over the stock redline that I might float? does anyone know where this head stops making power and starts to float? please, this kind of help is greatly appreciated.
  2. SolLess16

    SolLess16 Senior Member

    i wouldnt take it much over 7200 untill your build your head
  3. MikeBergy

    MikeBergy Blah blah blah....

    Floating happens when the valve spring stiffness is not high enough to snap the valve shut in time with the turning crank and cams. Valves tend to start getting slammed by upward moving pistons when you rev too high. This WILL happen regardless of how much power you could make at high rpms.It is a physical limitation of the valve spring. If you want to understand how the spring stiffness is related to how fast your motor is turning, as well as how aggressive your cam profile can be, some physics classes will help immensely. Not trying to make your question sound stupid, but physics is how a motor is defined, it's all about physics. With a stage 1 cam, you're not looking to increase your horsepower too much in the higher rpm range. This site has a reference section for cams and what power you can expect. Please excuse the lengthy reply.
  4. theB16tegguy

    theB16tegguy Senior Member

    I know what a floating valve is and what it does and etc...etc... I just wanted to hear from people who might know where I should have my revlimiter set at. So far it's at 7500rpm's. I highly doubt that it will float there and was wondering where it would possibly start to float. the block can probably withstand 8000 rpm + but I bet the head won't like me reving that high. :lol: Thanks for your input though.
  5. MikeBergy

    MikeBergy Blah blah blah....

    Yeah, you're right, with the stock head, the stock redline will probably best. no matter what you've done to the block, you won't like it after you bend a valve and have rip that head apart, especially with the work you have just done. Just get some high perf valve springs, and revving it won't be an issue on the top end. Realistically you won't be making more power up top w/o upgrading to a better cam and tuning, so revving that high is a moot point. just my .02

    Short story... keep your redline stock, revving it higher won't make a difference
  6. theB16tegguy

    theB16tegguy Senior Member

    cool, thanks
  7. Tonyd0821

    Tonyd0821 Banned

    out of curiosity...

    are you able to take out stock gsr's with ur mini-me?
    or something thereabouts? :D
  8. Tonyd0821

    Tonyd0821 Banned

    hmm just to clarify....

    what is the potential of the mini-me setup? is pretty much the gist of my last question.... n/a of course :)
  9. theB16tegguy

    theB16tegguy Senior Member

    Well, potential is just slightly less than that of a dual cam. partly due to the fact that you can't advace or retard both exhaust and intake seperatly. Theres lots of potential, especcially with $$$ which I don't have. I'm thinking or I'm at least hoping I can run a 15.0 or lower with my setup. But I'll never know until I run it at the track. I've seen an all motor mini me at the track hit high 11's so theres proof in the pudding.
  10. h22bubbleback

    h22bubbleback Senior Member

    my boy has a mini me in a 4-door civ puttin up 13's -14's
  11. theB16tegguy

    theB16tegguy Senior Member

    really.... what's done to it?? I'm very curious.
  12. 89_starter

    89_starter Member

    My instructor told us that a d serious crank cam swing at 8000 RPM with no swaet because its well balnace from the factory and it only weighs 33 pounds I think the one on a d15 only weighs 28.
  13. BseriesKllR

    BseriesKllR Senior Member

    Well i have a 89 CRX HF with a D16Z6....Its got Milled head .035, Port&Polish, Zex stage 2 cam, 4-2-1 Header, Ls Throttle Body, Ls Injectors, Intake, exhaust, Skunk2 CamGear, NGK plug wires.....Runnin a PG7 ecu right now (rev limiter 7500) and im shifting like right before the rev limiter no problems. Car can easily take GSR's. :D
  14. theB16tegguy

    theB16tegguy Senior Member

    sweet,... any time's?
  15. littlehatch

    littlehatch Member

    yeah ok i have to jump on too lol. i have a 92 dx hb and i was thinking about doing a mini me for some time and i wanted to know the saem things lol.

    what kind of power is there? is it really worth putting the money into?

    i think it would be awesome to hit 13's with a sohc!! lol

    oh yeah that reminds me......would the d15b7 bottom with the d16z6 or y8 head make more power than the d16z6 or y8 motor it self? what power would it be stock wiht the head on the d15b7 bottom?

  16. theB16tegguy

    theB16tegguy Senior Member

    it makes the same power due to the flat top pistons in the d15 blocks. There are dished pistons in the d16's.
  17. 89_starter

    89_starter Member

    HEy when you say "ls" do you mean 89 teg LS or the newer LS?
  18. BseriesKllR

    BseriesKllR Senior Member

  19. AlphaCivic

    AlphaCivic Member

    Judging by the fact that you have no head work done, i wouldn't rev over stock. Besides, those mild cames you have wont make much if any power over stock redline anyways, so why risk it?

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