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California Bar ?'s

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by g1macoda, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. g1macoda

    g1macoda New Member

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    Feb 8, 2012
    Hello everyone I am new here. I have a Question about getting my 1990 Ef hatch Bar'd. Car has a B16a, S1 trans, DC 4 into 1 one piece header, Aem short ram Intake, B&M Command Flow Fuel regulator, Custom cat back exhaust. Can't think what computer is in it? So that's alittle about the car. I bought the car from my buddy who built it about 02' or 03', anyways he got pulled over, cop said pop the hood, he did, got an Emissions ticket.For some reason the Title for the car got Surrendered to the State of California, it never got Non-Op'd. Don't know why.. Oh yeah the Swap was from a 1990 Integra XSI. So basically I want to bring this baby back out on the streets, and do it Legally. Any kind of Advise or Help would be great.
  2. eg6sir

    eg6sir Supa Mod Moderator VIP

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    Aug 17, 2005
    661 BK CA
    no longer are you able to BAR JDM motors unless your car came w/ the US version of that motor. .. sorry bud, but you'll need to find a USDM swap if you want to BAR
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