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cam timing problem

Discussion in 'Civic and CRX - EF' started by goldwar, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. goldwar

    goldwar New Member

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    Apr 6, 2007
    ok so my 89 rex has a sohc zc {d16a6} and i recently did a full rebuild on it.
    new pistons, rings , bored to 76mm head and block surfaced bearings the works
    now when i go to put the timing belt on it doesn't line up so i bought a adjustable cam gear and made it work but how much would the machinist have to have shaved off to make it off almost a full tooth on the belt....... but the adjustment varies. one day took the belt off retarded the gear 10 degrees then put every thing back together and i have to advance the cam 18 degrees to make it in range for the ignition timing. so i take it off again set it to zero and put it all together and i only have to advance it 7 degrees.
    timing belt tight all the time.i have no idea what i'm doing wrong if its me but i cant figure it out... anything would be helpful sorry i didn't mean to post this in the hybrid section double post
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