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CEL code 71/73

Discussion in 'General Tech and Maintenance' started by donnieS, Jul 27, 2003.

  1. donnieS

    donnieS Junior Member

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    Jul 11, 2003
    Okay so here's the breakdown of what happened.My SOHC sucked water into the intake(i didn't know at the time) and obviosly died on the road.I let it sit and finally got it started.CEL came on.When I pulled into my garage I saw the water pouring out of the intake.I quickly pulled off the intake to dry it and changed the oil.Car started fine afterwards.CEL is still on.I took the car to get a code check and they said it was a bad o2 sensor.I ran the car for about 2 months w/out replacing.I noticed when I would park on an incline that the car would rock back.Bad compression, right?So I let the car sit for about two weeks then it just wouldn't start.Starter and igniton fine just wouldn't fire up.It sounded a little strange when I would crank it though.Kinda like it had NO compression.So I checked the compression and it was low on all cylinders.So I pulled off the upper timing belt cover and saw that the cam was out of time with the crank.But why would it just all of a sudden quit starting?So i adjusted the cam and got it back to time.It runs now but the CEL is on and flashes the codes 71 and 73,misfires on cyl.1 and 3.Nothing to do with o2 senor.Now, like a dumbass I haven't checked the time with a light yet, but what else could it be?No oil in rad. or water in oil so the head gasket should be ok.Bent rods?Still bad compression but not as bad.Please help and sorry for the novel.thanks.
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