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check engine light problem? electrical load detector

Discussion in 'Civic and del Sol - EG and EK' started by treysawyers19, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. treysawyers19

    treysawyers19 Junior Member

    hey whats up guys. i have a 98 civic dx. I got 3 codes when my check engine light came on
    p0500 - vehicle speed sensor
    p1298 - electrical load high voltage
    p0135 - o2 sensor 1
    p0141 - o2 sensor 2
    My altenator/ sp sensor fuse the the dash keeps blowing and all my light keep flickering and pulsating. i got all new parts except for the engine fuse box, which has the electrical load detector. I got the fuse box from a junk yard. when i changed the fuse box and resest the computer. all the other problems went and no more check engine light. so i didnt bother changin the other parts. i even went and got an ispection and i didnt fail. but today the codes and the check engine light came back except the speed sensor code. i checked all my grounds, even cleaned them, reset the computer again. and the check engine light is still on, and i blew another fuse for the altenator. someone please help me. i dont want to go to the dealer and they tell me shit i already know and they charge me an arm and both my legs. holla at me
  2. treysawyers19

    treysawyers19 Junior Member

  3. DwnShftPrincess

    DwnShftPrincess Senior Member

    so the codes you are getting are the high voltage, and two sensors? you checked the main relay i assume?
  4. treysawyers19

    treysawyers19 Junior Member

    when i had my 91 accord the main relay was under the dash. is this relay under the dash as well? and what does this relay have to do with my codes?
  5. DwnShftPrincess

    DwnShftPrincess Senior Member

    main relay is under hood. may not be any good. test it. just a suggestion. good luck
  6. TomatoRed

    TomatoRed 98civicexcoupe

    im having the same exact codes.... all 4:
    so heres the thing...

    P0501- vehicle speed sensor range/performance problem
    P0135- primary heated oxygen sensor (sensor 1) heater circuit malfunction
    P0141- secondary heated oxygen sensor (sensor 2) heater circuit malfunction
    P1298- Electric load detector circuit high voltage

    wtf does it mean?

    how do i fix this?
  7. thadius65

    thadius65 New Member

    New member to forum. Did search on P1298 and brought me here. Something is very strange that multiple people are getting similar problems. Here is my story:

    1998 Honda Civic LX 5spd (152k miles) -- Driving home yesterday, speedometer and tach go crazy, engine starts running slightly off, dome/headlights start pulsing and check engine light comes on. Get home, pull in driveway in insert code reader. Get the same as others:


    ELD, Speed Sens, O2, O2.

    What the heck is going on? Anyone get final resolution yet?


  8. treysawyers19

    treysawyers19 Junior Member

    Yo it was weird when it happend to me and i made the mistake of buyin all new parts only for the problem to come back in 3 days. al you have to do is
    1. Find a engine fuse box from a junk yard. that is where the electrical load detector is found. and you have to replace the whole fuse box to change it, its not sold separately. and disconnect and remove your battery. and 2. Go under your car, and remove the bracket that supports the intake manifold to the the engine block. if you look behind that bracket, there are some wires on a blue connector that rubbs against that bracket and creates a short. when i moved the bracket i could clearly see the wire/wires that was damaged. what i did was found the wire that was stripped and i covered it with some electrical tape. the i broke that blue connector from off its little mount, and i used some zip ties to gently pull those wires out of the way of the brakcet because you should put it back to support the intake manifold. after i did that till this day the prblem hasnt come back. so all u need is that engine fuse box next to the battery. i got mine off ebay for like 25 with shipping` from one of those honda junk yards. let me know how everything goes. i wish i had a camera to show you what i did but it took me like 30 minutes to do, and it only took that llong cause i had no idea what i was lookin for.
  9. TomatoRed

    TomatoRed 98civicexcoupe

    i ended up taking mine to a local mechanic- it ended up that the catalytic converter was rubbing against the o2 sensor wires- they unplugged the o2 sensor, replaced some fuses, and sent me on my way. my CEL is still on but thats just cuz the o2 sensor is still unplugged... now i guess we just hafta drill a hole in the cat so we can put back the o2 sensor w/o repeating the problem
  10. controlaltdelete

    controlaltdelete New Member

    I had the same problem - pulsing lights etc. took it to a garage - they had no idea and suggested new alternator ($$$$) i disagreed and did some googling--
    problem and solution was exactly what Treysawyers19 said -- bare wire causing a short.
    apparently this is a common problem w/ 1998s
  11. brokedowncivic

    brokedowncivic New Member

    Hi new here,

    I am having the exact same problem. I was driving to work on Tuesday, and the lights started pulsing, the check engine light came on, the transmission was acting weird, and the speedometer was acting like a tachometer. I got home and checked the charging system and it wasn't charging so I put an alternator on it and it is charging again, put a code reader on it and got the same 4 codes. I was getting ready to buy a vehicle speed sensor this afternoon on the way home to replace that until I found this. Now I will be crawling under the car to fix the bare wires because that sounds like where the problem is going to be. I really appreciate the help and will be back again to look and help out if I can. Thanks
  12. acuraturbo90

    acuraturbo90 New Member

    hi i have a 90 integra turbo but my problem is i convert this ca in obd1 and now my check engine light is on my car is stick shift from the fac..but they show me code really weird like (eld)electric load detector , lock up control solenoid what can i do little help thankx
  13. vtec tkn Ovr

    vtec tkn Ovr New Member

    check engine light

    every 1 is talkin about this problem with the egian light its funny how people it happens to.. i have a simalr problem my light comes on when it is worm and makes the car jump around does any1 have a clue whats wrong?? thnkz
  14. bob searcy

    bob searcy New Member

    pulsing lights

    my kids civic started lights pulsating, speedo acting like tach when car stationary, a wire was rubbed thru under the intake support bracket just like others have posted. also the alternator fuse will be blown. your forum saved us some serious grief, thanks a million times over..
  15. chrisnotap

    chrisnotap New Member

    blue plug

    You were dead on bro! Thanks a million! It was my uncles car and he had it to the shop and they charged about $300 plus a vss sensor.A week later everything was the same. When I got it to look at, the wiring had been butchered and wires spliced together, wires only twisted together, all those codes, no alternator light with key on engine off, it was in tough shape. I had all of the symptoms you described and I went right to the blue plug and there it was but you wouldn't have known looking at it that it was bad until you removed it from it's holder , which was a chore, and then you could see it was burnt and worn through. I did not replace the fuse box with the ELD, just the 7.5amp alt. fuse(which was blown) under the dash.
    You saved me a lot of time, thanks again for the precise details of the location of the problem.
  16. calenso

    calenso New Member

    Another Civic P0141/P0135

    Thanks for the hint-- same on my '97 Civic, bare spot in insulation of Blk/White wire, and blown F15. Schematic shows that this wire supplies the vehicle speed sensor, HO2 sensors, charging system light, the ELD and the regulator in the alternator. Kind of explains a few things. To get at the bracket, you can find it and the blue connector about 2" the the right and then straight up from the oil filter. Hope the photo works.

    Picasa Web Albums - Robin - 97 Civic P013...
  17. outlaw98

    outlaw98 New Member

    hi guys i have a 98 LS teg i was coming home and all of the sudden my car died outa nowhere. blew fuse and it keeps blowing it. throws the VSS primary and secondary o2 sensors. altenator tested good, new battery, replaced fuse box, pulled out my whole wire harness checked for any shorts found nothing. Dont know what else to do to fix my prob. cant find the short. does anyone have the schematics for the wire harness so i can run new wires? any help is appreciated.
  18. outlaw98

    outlaw98 New Member

    I think i found my problem which was my secondary o2 sensor was rubbing against the heatshield causing it to short out. But now im still throwing code 20 and 41 ima look it up and go from there. I also checked the fuse #15 and it wasnt blown any more.....yeeeeeeeeeeah
  19. outlaw98

    outlaw98 New Member

    I reset the ecu again cause i forgot the fuse in slot 15 was blown so i replaced it with a new one. Started it up and it was only throwing code 41 and 65 witch is my secondary O2 sensor so problem FIXED.
  20. Delerium33

    Delerium33 New Member

    I only have the P0135 code on 98 Civic DX but i dunno if thats whats causeing my problam. I will be driving and then my car will jump just a lil and my gas pedal will not work i press it no go, then as the car slows down it dies and takes a good while to start back up.

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