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Civic motor in a 91 Accord

Discussion in 'Accord' started by kainnon, Aug 7, 2017.

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    Jun 24, 2006
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    I didn't "hate" on him. I simply asked what his motivations were for this project (daily driver vs. project or what exactly), gave some solid reasons as to why the swap might not be a good idea, and then told him what he needs to do next if he really wants to pursue this. I don't speak for anyone else in this thread, but that's not "hating," that's a conversation.

    As for your comment, no, this is NOTHING like putting an LS6 in a Porsche. LS6 in a Porsche is both a performance upgrade and a bolt-in affair with the correct aftermarket mount kit. What this guy wants to do is take an economy engine from a newer Civic (with LESS torque) and mount it in to an older Accord. That's not a performance upgrade (other than being newer and possibly having more life left in it), and the mounts and wiring harness would have to be custom built. There are much better and easier swap alternatives for this chassis (H-series is an easy drop in and instant 40-50 horsepower upgrade with an appropriate amount of torque, K-series is easily possible as well with the correct aftermarket mounts and the performance out of the box and responsiveness to modifications is outstanding).

    And no offense to your mother, but if we all just run off and pursue whatever idea sounds good at any given moment, then a lot of us are going to end up with regrets later. Suggesting alternatives to an ill-conceived plan is not "hating."
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