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CIVIC throws codes only after driving for like 20 minutes

Discussion in 'Civic and del Sol - EG and EK' started by azn_hmong, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. azn_hmong

    azn_hmong New Member

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    Sep 8, 2008
    So here are 3 codes my civic b16a2 is throwing out, CODE 1, CODE 8, CODE 22. When you turn on the car these codes are not on at all but once you get going for a good 20 mins or so the engine light will come on. Whats weird is that code 8 and 22 deal with the VTEC pressure solenoid and the TDC sensor in the dizzy, but VTEC still engages though its hella weak. I Just bought a brand new dizzy from Olympus auto parts for like 300 bucks and I don't know if its defective or what. Code 1 has to deal with the heated O2 sensor problem, anyone have any similiar experiences with any of these problems? If so please do enlighten me with you knowledge, for I want to know the way of the SAMURAI!!! (Civic tuning samurai that is, THANKS people).
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