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coilovers ??????

Discussion in 'Wheels / Suspension / Tires / Brakes' started by chacal06, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. chacal06

    chacal06 New Member

    ok i was wondcering what will b the difference if i buy some shocks and some adjustable coilovers or just buy the complete coilover setup ?? because if its the same thing i will just go with the shocks and coildovers seperate its much more cheaper !! wat yall think
  2. E_SolSi

    E_SolSi Member of the 20 nut club Moderator

    the matched set is matched
    you dont have to worry about them being the correct spring/dampening rate for each other... they are matched already

    putting together your own set up means you need to do the legwork on your own and make sure that everything you get is properly matched up for ride height range and spring/dampening rates...

    not matching them will, at best, cause the shocks to wear out faster, along with shitty handling and ride quality... at worst, you may end up breaking something, veering off the road, or into oncoming traffic and crashing killing yourself and your car load of friends along with a family of 5 in the mini van you hit, and a baby duck who was just trying to follow the mama duck across the street

    another thing ive heard about a few times regarding the slip on ones... they sometimes end up rattling like crazy because the rubber ring that they give you for a bushing either doesnt fit quite right, or ends up wearing out or breaking

    either setup can be good or crap... cant really put a blanket statement out there that one is better than the other...
    plenty of people are using each style very successfully... more people are using each style incorrectly

    i opted for a complete setup...
    but i also put the time and work in to make sure that my ride height was properly set up with suspension geometry in mind and then corner balanced the car for neutral handling... i didnt get adjustable coilovers so that i could crank my ride height up and down as i saw fit... or so i could drop the hell out of my car and tuck rim...

    each time that you adjust height, you should at very least get an alignment done, as the settings will change with the ride height... beyond that it also should be rebalanced

    if you are not looking for adjustable coilovers so that you can tune your suspension, then just get whatever you like more or can afford (without buying garbage) because it wont make much difference... running the best / most expensive suspension components out there, wont matter if they are not set up and tuned properly...

    another option if you do not plan to properly set up and tune your suspension, would be to get a set of regular lowering springs and a shock that matches the spring rate and ride height range... this generally costs even less than shocks with slip on adjustables

    the real question here is what are you looking for out of your car??
    do you just want it a little lower so it looks better and handles better for the street??
    do you want it slammed out on the ground tucking tire/rim??
    do you want it tunable for maximum handling for autocross or HPDE track days??
    do you want a stiff ride so the titties on the girl in the passenger seat jiggle around like jello during an earthquake??

    also please throw up some links of the equipment you are looking at... there might be a very good reason why its so much cheaper
  3. chacal06

    chacal06 New Member

    dam i dont want to kill the duckies !!
    i was just looking to lower it a lil not that low because i dont want to fuck up my headers plus if i lower it to tuck my rims i wont b able to park inside my house ! my bro cuzin and me have put some slip on coilovers and never had much trouble i just wanted to know the difference but if there isnt much difference then ill go with buying shocks and slip on coilovers i am goin to make sure that the height is all the same....plus i want good handliing for the streets so like u say when an earthquake hit ill enjoy LOL

    i go to a store in china town in california....NRT RACING they have pretty good prices compared to stores near them they cheaper and hook u up once in a while...also they have an ebay and their website is www.nrtmotorsports.com
  4. B16

    B16 Super Moderator

    Buy my Tien HA's. $500 they're coming off this weekend. :)
  5. chacal06

    chacal06 New Member

    a lil sonner and i would have but i went to buy some kyb shocks already....u got the shaocks and some lowering coiloves for 300 thanks anyways....might have a friend how old r they ?? for wat car ??
  6. B16

    B16 Super Moderator

    they are like 8 years old. They are for an Inetegra Type R but I'm giving the rear lower control arms with them to fit on any DC2 or EG.
  7. beaver

    beaver New Member

    i just got coil over lowering springs and how hard is it to get them on my 1992 honda accord ex wagon
  8. beaver

    beaver New Member

    the coil overs are not ebay crap thay are the real coil over spring kit
  9. chacal06

    chacal06 New Member

    i didnt buy mine from ebay either mines are nrg...not that bad well atleast better then ebay no name brand lol

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