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Complete LS to LS-VTEC setup, everything you need!

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by jakoh77, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. jakoh77

    jakoh77 New Member

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    Jul 11, 2011
    I have EVERYTHING needed to complete an LS to LS-VTEC swap for anyone looking to upgrade their civic or integra.

    I was going to change my LS to LS-Vtec but decided against it because of living expenses, so now i'm just selling it all for someone who wants a no hassle one stop shop.

    Everything I have is BRAND NEW and never been used before minus the ECU or computer.

    Various Seals- Water Pump - Timing Belt - Head Gasket- $65
    Head Bolts or Head Studs (Honda Factory)- $90
    Ls-Vtec Blackworks Conversion Kit (w/ head gasket) - $180
    Lost Motion Assembly and Valve Seals (New from Honda Factory)- $250
    DC-Racing Header 4-2-1 for b16 Vtec Head- $90
    P28 ECU 5 Speed (Needed to run the Vtec)- $115 (Non Chipped)
    Stock B16 intake manifold with injectors- $35
    B16b Vtec Head with new Lost Motion Assembly's and Seals- $350
    I have a Brand New Exhaust System Cat back. Stainless Steal with Carbon Fiber Tip with Cat-Conveter (Bolt to vtec header 2.5 in) -$175

    Total: $1350 (you pay for shipping)
    ** I can send pictures if needed of anything and answer questions.

    This is everything needed for a complete and new rebuild for LS-VTEC
    I would like to sell this as a package if I can since it would make it easy for someone.
    All gaskets and bolts are included.

    My name is Josh and the best way to get ahold of me is texting or calling me. 330-323-0241. I can send pics and answer any questions
    Location: Canton, Ohio
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