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Complicated B18B in 89 DX Hatch, I have questions.

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by H22AEG2, Jul 2, 2003.

  1. H22AEG2

    H22AEG2 Junior Member

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    Feb 2, 2003
    I have installed this motor into the car, I almost have everything hooked up. I read some threads here, and nervous about getting it together. Backround: The car previously had a B18A in it. I bought the car second hand off someone else that bought the car from the owner who had the B18A in it. I would assume the car would pretty much be setup and ready for my install. I am installing a B18B. The harness, and all was converted to OBD0. I pulled the motor out of an 91 LS that a friend wrecked. He had blown his B18A and had this B18B installed with all the changes made to work. So pretty much I am thinking the swap will be identical to installing a B18A. I am using HCP mount kit, teg dual core radiator, crx si cluster. The battery has been relocated to the rear. Now for my questions..

    --Can I use the OBD0 LS engine wiring harness?
    --Since the car is a DX, does this mean I need a different harness for the body? OR is the correct harness most likely in there because it was previously powered by an LS.
    --Is there anyway around cutting the LS linkage? Besides hasport.
    --This car has no heater core, can I just cap those coolant hoses off or just run one hose to each end?
    --Will the speed sensor from the crx cluster work correctly?
    --Is there any special wiring I will need to do?
    --The teg has cruise control, I bypassed and removed all that junk, will that effect the way the motor runs?

    Now the harness from the engine seemed to plug right in to the body harness with no problem. The ecu plugged into the body harness without a problem as well.

    I also have a question about the brakes. The car came with GSR front disks. I swapped in the LS booster, master, porportioning valve, and rear disks. Is this gonna be overkill braking for the car? I just finished bleeding them and the brakes are rubbing the disks. Both cars sat for a while, so I am assuming that it's like this because of that, and the pads are just not moving that much. Am I wrong?
  2. aznhottiekj

    aznhottiekj Senior Member

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    Nov 18, 2002
    dude, this swap is not gonna be fun...........
    sounds confusing...........
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