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Convo of the half hour!

Discussion in 'Members' Lounge' started by khrisb, Oct 28, 2003.

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  1. khrisb

    khrisb ******

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    Apr 5, 2003
    khrisbscooler (9:16:05 PM): NAWS! kit is SOLD!
    greyfades (9:16:08 PM): dammit
    greyfades (9:16:33 PM): bah!
    khrisbscooler (9:16:41 PM): what.
    greyfades (9:16:44 PM): he should sell it back to you
    greyfades (9:16:47 PM): lol
    greyfades (9:16:49 PM): so you can sell it to me
    khrisbscooler (9:16:52 PM): he probably wiill
    greyfades (9:17:09 PM): awesome
    greyfades (9:17:12 PM): :)
    greyfades (9:17:12 PM): lol
    khrisbscooler (9:18:16 PM): fudge brownies>>>>>real food.
    greyfades (9:18:40 PM): lmfao
    greyfades (9:18:43 PM): im hungry...
    khrisbscooler (9:19:01 PM): I was hungry so I went to the store and got junk food.
    greyfades (9:19:14 PM): lol
    greyfades (9:19:23 PM): pimp
    greyfades (9:20:04 PM): oh, get this
    greyfades (9:20:19 PM): today the owner at the "shop" here called me
    khrisbscooler (9:20:23 PM): what now? You aren't getting your car.
    khrisbscooler (9:20:31 PM): you're gonna get it thurs.
    greyfades (9:20:34 PM): no no
    khrisbscooler (9:20:36 PM): you already told me
    greyfades (9:20:38 PM): the moron here in lufkin
    khrisbscooler (9:20:41 PM): oh
    khrisbscooler (9:20:44 PM): go ahead.
    greyfades (9:20:51 PM): the one that don't know shit about shit
    greyfades (9:20:56 PM): anyways
    greyfades (9:20:56 PM): i get up there
    greyfades (9:21:05 PM): theres some kid with a 95 del sol vtec
    greyfades (9:21:09 PM): ya know, the one with the b16a3
    khrisbscooler (9:21:23 PM): yeah
    khrisbscooler (9:21:32 PM): with 0 torque.
    greyfades (9:21:34 PM): it's riced to hell..."team del sol" stickers, fake blitz bodykit, z3 fenders, white spray-painted interior, etc
    greyfades (9:21:53 PM): anyways, Jeff (the owner of the shop) asks me where he could get a vtec solenoid
    greyfades (9:22:05 PM): i asked him why the hell he needed a new solenoid
    greyfades (9:22:14 PM): he was like "this guy's solenoid is messed up. his vtec doesnt kick in right"
    greyfades (9:22:29 PM): and he went on to tell me how vtec should slam you back in your seat and so on
    greyfades (9:22:39 PM): so i get in the car
    greyfades (9:22:39 PM): and drive it
    khrisbscooler (9:22:50 PM): v-tech kicked in, y0!
    khrisbscooler (9:22:59 PM): where's that pic...
    greyfades (9:23:10 PM): and vtec kicks in half-assed at around 5500, and then again at around 7k
    greyfades (9:23:17 PM): it's like it was in 2 stages
    greyfades (9:23:36 PM): i run a wire from the battery straight to the solenoid just to check, and it clicks on and off just fine
    greyfades (9:23:40 PM): so i know its not the solenoid
    khrisbscooler (9:23:54 PM): I think 7k is when the secondaries open.
    greyfades (9:23:58 PM): know what it turned out to be?
    greyfades (9:24:13 PM): the kid didn't have any oil
    greyfades (9:24:14 PM): none
    greyfades (9:24:16 PM): none at all
    khrisbscooler (9:24:28 PM): lmao
    khrisbscooler (9:24:33 PM): owned
    khrisbscooler (9:24:38 PM): lmfao
    greyfades (9:24:46 PM): i told him to go get his oil changed
    greyfades (9:24:50 PM): and surprise...vtec is fixed
    greyfades (9:24:50 PM): lmao
    greyfades (9:24:53 PM): secondaries??
    khrisbscooler (9:25:16 PM): yeah, secondary shits in the intake mani
    greyfades (9:26:02 PM): oh, that's just on GSR manifolds
    greyfades (9:26:06 PM): b16 manifolds are single-stage
    khrisbscooler (9:26:10 PM): oh
    greyfades (9:26:21 PM): it was wierd though
    khrisbscooler (9:26:25 PM): I drive a dodge. I'm surprised I got that close.
    greyfades (9:26:32 PM): best i could figure was that the vtec oil pressure sensor wasn't reading right
    greyfades (9:26:36 PM): because there was no oil
    greyfades (9:26:45 PM): and im assuming no oil = probably no oil pressure
    greyfades (9:26:46 PM): lol
    greyfades (9:26:56 PM): the motor idled funny too
    khrisbscooler (9:27:06 PM): no oil makes v-tech kickin madd hard, y0!
    greyfades (9:27:39 PM): like, i've noticed that pretty much every b16 ive ever seen idle with a kind of really fast high-pitched "tic-tic-tic-tic-tic-tic"
    khrisbscooler (9:27:52 PM): even yours?
    greyfades (9:28:00 PM): this kid's b16 idled "TUNK.........TUNK.........TUNK......"
    greyfades (9:28:00 PM): lol
    khrisbscooler (9:28:17 PM): lol
    khrisbscooler (9:28:28 PM): knock-knock-knock
    greyfades (9:28:28 PM): when i had mine idling, it was more of the "tunk tunk tunk" sound
    greyfades (9:28:29 PM): lol
    greyfades (9:28:30 PM): it was fucked up
    greyfades (9:28:41 PM): mine didnt really have the knocking sound
    khrisbscooler (9:28:52 PM): that kid's motor is gonna be rapping like a bastard in about 10k miles.
    greyfades (9:28:54 PM): it sounded like a 5.0 mustang with straight pipe
    greyfades (9:29:00 PM): idleing really low
    greyfades (9:29:05 PM): its got like 130k miles on it already
    greyfades (9:29:08 PM): and he cant drive for shit
    khrisbscooler (9:29:11 PM): blub-blub-blub?
    greyfades (9:29:24 PM): yeah, thats it
    greyfades (9:29:26 PM): lol
    greyfades (9:29:43 PM): the "blub"s were maybe a little less than a second apart
    greyfades (9:29:46 PM): im talkin like at 100 rpm
    greyfades (9:29:47 PM): lol
    greyfades (9:29:53 PM): the whole car shook too
    greyfades (9:30:11 PM): i wish it would idle like that when i get it
    greyfades (9:30:17 PM): it sounds really intimidating
    khrisbscooler (9:30:19 PM): it's fuxored.
    khrisbscooler (9:30:29 PM): that car will be shit in about 2 months.
    greyfades (9:30:46 PM): in houston a few weeks ago, i heard one guy's civic that would sit at around 2k for about a second, and then drop to 200 rpm for about 2 seconds
    khrisbscooler (9:30:58 PM): big cam
    greyfades (9:30:59 PM): WHIRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrWHIRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    khrisbscooler (9:31:07 PM): or tps was fucked up
    greyfades (9:31:09 PM): lol..dont you love my interpretations?
    khrisbscooler (9:31:13 PM): hard to tell
    greyfades (9:31:18 PM): my car will be in shit in about 2 months?
    khrisbscooler (9:31:19 PM): typing noises is hard as fuck
    khrisbscooler (9:31:39 PM): no that sol will be shit in 2 months
    greyfades (9:31:40 PM): lol
    greyfades (9:31:56 PM): lol
    greyfades (9:33:07 PM): im bored
    greyfades (9:33:09 PM): whats on tv
    khrisbscooler (9:33:17 PM): I dunno.
    khrisbscooler (9:33:24 PM): let me check
    khrisbscooler (9:33:36 PM): real world
    khrisbscooler (9:33:45 PM): jackie chan adventures
    khrisbscooler (9:34:00 PM): jerry mcguire
    greyfades (9:34:01 PM): lol....wow
    khrisbscooler (9:34:46 PM): I love the 80's
    khrisbscooler (9:34:53 PM): or strikes back or whatever
    khrisbscooler (9:35:06 PM): that's about it
    greyfades (9:36:17 PM): jerry mcguire
    greyfades (9:36:26 PM): is that the one with tom cruise and cuba?
    khrisbscooler (9:36:30 PM): yeah
    khrisbscooler (9:36:50 PM): my fuckin computer screen is dirty as shit.
    greyfades (9:36:50 PM): i havent seen this
    greyfades (9:36:56 PM): cool
    khrisbscooler (9:36:59 PM): Looks like somebody splooged on it.
    khrisbscooler (9:37:04 PM): fuckers
    greyfades (9:37:12 PM): gross
    greyfades (9:37:16 PM): been lookin at a li'l porno, eh?
    khrisbscooler (9:37:24 PM): not on my computer
    khrisbscooler (9:37:31 PM): i don't know
    khrisbscooler (9:37:38 PM): this shits all streaky
    greyfades (9:37:42 PM): lol
    greyfades (9:37:49 PM): grizzosssss
    khrisbscooler (9:37:56 PM): I didn't do it
    greyfades (9:38:56 PM): show me the money!
    greyfades (9:38:59 PM): lol
    khrisbscooler (9:39:10 PM): it was funny the first time
    khrisbscooler (9:39:20 PM): after you see the movie again, it kinda blows
    greyfades (9:39:25 PM): i havent ever seen it
    khrisbscooler (9:39:38 PM): It's kinda old
    khrisbscooler (9:39:57 PM): How'd you know what channel it was on?
    greyfades (9:40:52 PM): i rememberd an ad on tbs the other day for it
    khrisbscooler (9:40:55 PM): oh
    greyfades (9:41:27 PM): lol
    greyfades (9:41:59 PM): im about to have 666 posts
    greyfades (9:42:00 PM): lol
    greyfades (9:42:00 PM): awesome
    khrisbscooler (9:42:07 PM): sweet
    greyfades (9:42:16 PM): what the fuck
    khrisbscooler (9:42:21 PM): I didn't even get to celebrate my 1000th
    khrisbscooler (9:42:23 PM): what
    khrisbscooler (9:42:24 PM): ?
    greyfades (9:42:26 PM): i just got a popup for a popup blocker
    khrisbscooler (9:42:36 PM): rock ass!
    khrisbscooler (9:42:39 PM): I get those too.
    greyfades (9:42:46 PM): i closed it
    greyfades (9:43:03 PM): after debating with myself, i decided that if a popup blocker worked, it wouldn't allow itsself to have a popup to advertise itsself
    khrisbscooler (9:43:16 PM): go to google.com and download their popup blocker
    khrisbscooler (9:43:19 PM): it works great
    greyfades (9:43:41 PM): do i jus search for "popup blocker"
    greyfades (9:43:42 PM): ?
    khrisbscooler (9:44:00 PM): no
    khrisbscooler (9:44:11 PM): go to google.com and look at the bottom
    khrisbscooler (9:44:20 PM): its got a link down there
    khrisbscooler (9:44:26 PM): for stuff you can download
    greyfades (9:44:48 PM): pimp
    greyfades (9:44:57 PM): services and tools?
    khrisbscooler (9:45:16 PM): I think so
    greyfades (9:46:28 PM): rene zellweiger is kinda hot
    khrisbscooler (9:46:34 PM): yeah she is
    greyfades (9:46:59 PM): i cant find it
    greyfades (9:47:05 PM): dammit
    khrisbscooler (9:47:09 PM): hang on
    greyfades (9:47:26 PM): haha...found it
    khrisbscooler (9:47:32 PM): ok
    greyfades (9:47:32 PM): its the toolbar
    khrisbscooler (9:47:38 PM): I was gonna send you the link
    khrisbscooler (9:47:39 PM): yeah
    greyfades (9:47:59 PM): haha...dude
    greyfades (9:48:04 PM): my dads a lawyer
    greyfades (9:48:16 PM): hes trying to help me get this ticket dropped
    greyfades (9:48:21 PM): the judge is bein a dick
    greyfades (9:48:29 PM): he called today, and they couldnt find my file
    greyfades (9:48:29 PM): if they lost my file, all charges against me will be dropped
    greyfades (9:48:41 PM): how kick ass is that
    khrisbscooler (9:49:25 PM): pretty kick ass
    khrisbscooler (9:49:29 PM): I gotta pay my ticket
    khrisbscooler (9:49:37 PM): $66.50
    greyfades (9:49:43 PM): whatd you get a ticket for?
    khrisbscooler (9:49:48 PM): what the fuck are they gonna do with 50 cents?
    greyfades (9:50:00 PM): lmao
    khrisbscooler (9:50:04 PM): When I rearended Paul, I got a ticket for following too close.
    greyfades (9:50:46 PM): oh
    greyfades (9:50:46 PM): damn, that sucks
    khrisbscooler (9:50:53 PM): yeah
    khrisbscooler (9:50:56 PM): I could fight it.
    khrisbscooler (9:51:09 PM): The cop wasn't there to see me follow too close.
    greyfades (9:51:12 PM): lmao
    greyfades (9:51:14 PM): check this out
    greyfades (9:51:16 PM): greyfades (8:53:42 PM): hey, how much did you pay for the full race kit? or rather, how much do they sell for
    pissedoffsol (8:53:51 PM): www.full-race.com
    pissedoffsol (8:54:00 PM): base price of 3800
    pissedoffsol (8:54:12 PM): + larger intercooler +larger turbo upgrades
    greyfades (8:54:39 PM): the larger intercooler...is that the one that is like a couplea inches lower than the rest of the car?
    khrisbscooler (9:51:29 PM): But it would cost more than 60 bucks just to get there and back
    khrisbscooler (9:51:31 PM): huh?
    khrisbscooler (9:51:54 PM): I'd ban you for that one.
    greyfades (9:52:18 PM): lol
    khrisbscooler (9:52:53 PM): http://www.hondaswap.com/gallery/images/s3...9f2a893a9a4.jpg
    khrisbscooler (9:53:42 PM): oops
    khrisbscooler (9:53:46 PM): wrong Im box.
    khrisbscooler (9:53:54 PM): you've probably seen that
    greyfades (9:53:54 PM): lol
    greyfades (9:54:00 PM): what am i about to look at?
    khrisbscooler (9:54:15 PM): the civic can never lose!
    greyfades (9:55:13 PM): greyfades (8:57:01 PM): ill give you my car for your car pissedoffsol (8:58:41 PM): no
    greyfades (9:55:13 PM): lmao
    greyfades (9:55:23 PM): whos that dude
    khrisbscooler (9:55:30 PM): who's what dude?
    greyfades (9:55:36 PM): he looks kinda like a tanned B
    khrisbscooler (9:55:41 PM): WHAT!
    khrisbscooler (9:55:57 PM): That's the Rock!
    greyfades (9:55:58 PM): uh
    greyfades (9:56:12 PM): oh
    khrisbscooler (9:56:17 PM): The wrestler turned actor?
    greyfades (9:56:28 PM): that dude from the scorpion king or whatever?
    khrisbscooler (9:56:31 PM): yeah
    greyfades (9:56:53 PM): i never watched wrestling
    khrisbscooler (9:57:27 PM): I used to.
    khrisbscooler (9:57:30 PM): It got lame
    khrisbscooler (9:57:39 PM): ok lameR
    greyfades (9:57:40 PM): lol
    greyfades (9:57:49 PM): i always made fun of the kids at school who thought it was real
    greyfades (9:57:50 PM): they always got really mad
    khrisbscooler (9:58:07 PM): i never thought it was real
    greyfades (9:58:13 PM): "you won't think its fake when so-and-so powerbombs your bitch ass!"
    khrisbscooler (9:58:39 PM): I always knew it was just actors that were in really good shape.
    greyfades (9:59:58 PM): lol
    greyfades (10:01:39 PM): i jus thoght of somethin funny
    greyfades (10:01:49 PM): next time someone posts and asks "my car idles really high...why?"
    greyfades (10:02:14 PM): im gonna take a picture of Buddy Christ, and photo-shop it to say "Buddy Christ says...take your foot off the gas, y0!!!
    greyfades (10:02:41 PM): that sounded funnier in my head....
    khrisbscooler (10:03:20 PM): No, it'd be funny

    I like brownies.
    Some shops in Texas are dumb.
    B should ban wil for bringing up the intercooler situation.
    Wil doesn't know who the Rock is.
    He thinks B looks like the Rock, except paler.


    I don't see it. ^^^
  2. civicious

    civicious FüK-VTEC VIP

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    Jun 15, 2003
    Houston, TX
    enter five-day suspension number two......
  3. swanny

    swanny Senior Member

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    Jul 13, 2003
    buck teeth and government checks, PA
    and yet another worthless post.
  4. zombie

    zombie Member

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    Jul 25, 2003
    Arkansas, LMAO
    LOL, everyone is reading this, and I got sucked into the great AIM convo. It was like a car soap opera.
  5. Loco Honkey

    Loco Honkey Banned

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    Jun 5, 2003
    Locked for fucking lameness.
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