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convo of the nght

Discussion in 'Members' Lounge' started by pissedoffsol, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. pissedoffsol

    pissedoffsol RETIRED

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    Sep 28, 2002
    Retirement Home
    [​IMG] so i get this ranomd IM....

    warning for racial slurs and what not... it was all in good fun :p

    Willsmack301: your a vulcan idiot
    pissedoffsol: um, ok
    Willsmack301: do u have any alternator fluid
    Auto response from pissedoffsol: I am away from my computer right now.

    pissedoffsol: I'm the idiot?
    pissedoffsol: you use AOL for your ISP
    Willsmack301: or a muffler bearing, mine blew out the PIPE
    pissedoffsol: you lose.
    Willsmack301: dont listen it isnt the owner of this sn
    Willsmack301: shes callin me a LIAR!
    pissedoffsol: you suck at english
    Willsmack301: BULLSHIT!
    pissedoffsol: stop whininh
    pissedoffsol: *whining
    Willsmack301: pissedoffsol [11:48 P.M.]: you suck at english
    pissedoffsol: no, thats called typing
    Willsmack301: can u read between the4 lines? iii
    Willsmack301: fuck u
    Willsmack301: you fucking lose
    Willsmack301: shit bull
    pissedoffsol: you should consult a friends help network
    pissedoffsol: you need it.
    Willsmack301: you dont no what kinda hell i can bring u
    Willsmack301: i no that
    pissedoffsol: if you can bring me hell, i'll give you $1
    Willsmack301: life a garden dig it
    Willsmack301: take a look at your wife
    Willsmack301: thats hell man
    pissedoffsol: my wife? lol i'm 14
    Willsmack301: it will be like a dolar or something
    Willsmack301: 14?
    Willsmack301: i m 13
    Willsmack301: 13 inches
    pissedoffsol: do you want a cookie?
    Willsmack301: chocalate chip?
    pissedoffsol: extra frosting
    Willsmack301: those come with frosting
    Willsmack301: i like bread sandwiches
    pissedoffsol: yup. you should try it some time
    Willsmack301: n jiffy cakes
    pissedoffsol: i like meat pies
    Willsmack301: ur gay?
    pissedoffsol: only for your 13 inches stud
    Willsmack301: u wanna fuck me?
    Willsmack301: gord
    pissedoffsol: grab your ankles and spell "run"
    Willsmack301: get ur dick outta my chystler
    Willsmack301: *chrystler
    pissedoffsol: DSM's suck
    pissedoffsol: you'll probably just walk my crank
    Willsmack301: i smoke crank
    pissedoffsol: homo
    Willsmack301: o what thats crack
    pissedoffsol: pull up your pants
    pissedoffsol: too much crack
    Willsmack301: nah ur just hederophovbic staring in my jeans watching my genitals bulging
    Willsmack301: jojo the idiot circus monkeys
    pissedoffsol: you know jojo?
    Willsmack301: msaybe
    pissedoffsol: he's my boy
    Willsmack301: what do u no about6 jojo
    Willsmack301: no he my dick
    pissedoffsol: you named your dick?
    Willsmack301: all 3
    Willsmack301: nigger lover
    pissedoffsol: i think they make a cream for that
    Willsmack301: get out of my face, chocolate face
    pissedoffsol: nigger lover? you're the one with the 13" black cock
    pissedoffsol: no white boys have that
    Willsmack301: its like4 yellow from busting your moms bladder
    pissedoffsol: you obviosuly know nothing about how vaginas work
    Willsmack301: fuck u
    pissedoffsol: nice come back
    pissedoffsol: try again
    Willsmack301: thank u drive thru
    pissedoffsol: ha! you work at mcdonalds
    pissedoffsol: zit faced fat fuck
    Willsmack301: kfc u fuckin cocksucking nigger loving queer ass nigger
    pissedoffsol: ok, you're boring
    Willsmack301: your dead mcflky
    pissedoffsol: ok biff
    Willsmack301: *mcfly
    Willsmack301: its masd dog
    pissedoffsol: i'll throw you in a truck load of shit again
    Willsmack301: i am buforfd t justice
    Willsmack301: sumbitch
    pissedoffsol: i'm sorry to hear that
    Willsmack301: ill bbq ur ass in molasses
    pissedoffsol: omghi2ubbq?
    Willsmack301: queer nigger
    Willsmack301: yo don vito
    pissedoffsol: you need to stop watching mtv
    pissedoffsol: i bet you look like chris brown
    Willsmack301: dont u tell me shit viscious devil woman
    pissedoffsol: fake bling
    pissedoffsol: cuz you work at kfc
    Willsmack301: no way i look like comtin ass tr\erry
    pissedoffsol: can't afford real shit
    Willsmack301: um i got spinning hub caps
    Willsmack301: or somthing
    Willsmack301: because im a BEANER
    pissedoffsol: go back to boston where you belong then
    pissedoffsol: freckled fuck
    Willsmack301: no way new orlens
    pissedoffsol: hows your house? oh wait, its GONE
    pissedoffsol: katrina > you
    Willsmack301: no its there
    Auto response from pissedoffsol: I am away from my computer right now.

    Willsmack301: just in pieces
    Willsmack301: piss of
    Willsmack301: fool
    pissedoffsol: its pissed off sol
    pissedoffsol: not fool
    pissedoffsol: get it right
    Willsmack301: sol suck
    Willsmack301: they look like a fuck stick
    pissedoffsol: shit out of luck looks like a fuck stick?
    pissedoffsol: you need to put the pipe down
    Willsmack301: no way
    Willsmack301: its in my butt
    pissedoffsol: thats nice
    pissedoffsol: chocolate chip cookie ass
    Willsmack301: ur more like r kelly u pissing homosexual
    pissedoffsol: at least i'm rich and fuck little girls. you work at kfc.
    Willsmack301: you win
    pissedoffsol: your momma
    Willsmack301: you
    Willsmack301: piss off you bore menow
    pissedoffsol: your momma's so fat, she went to the truck scales to weigh in
    Willsmack301: ur momma teeth so yellow when she smile pple slow down
    pissedoffsol: your momma blows so much dick, people call her katrina
    Willsmack301: oh yeAh well ur so black u got a ticked for your tint being to dark n u were just walking down the street
    Willsmack301: i dont get it?
    pissedoffsol: your momma's so old, Ashton Kuthcher asked her out
    Willsmack301: that sucjkes
    Willsmack301: *sucked
    Willsmack301: your mommas ass is so big when people see her they say damn she has a big ass
    pissedoffsol: your mommas such a slut that even courntey love can't compete
    Willsmack301: ur mommas teeth r so yellow when she goes to church n smiles people say o lord let the golden lights of heaven shine on me
    pissedoffsol: your momma smells so bad, people ask for a curtesy flush when shes taking a piss
    Willsmack301: ur mommas teeth r so far apart she can floss with the bay bridge
    pissedoffsol: your momma tits are so saggy she wears her bra as a belt
    Willsmack301: r ui on yomomma.com because ur jokes suck
    pissedoffsol: i dont joke
    Willsmack301: ur jokes suck so bad that i am getting off
    Willsmack301: take that biiiiiotch
    Willsmack301: go to bed u got school tomm. or somting
    pissedoffsol: i turned you on tha tmuch huh?
    pissedoffsol: fag
    Willsmack301: yea all night
    pissedoffsol: its saturday. theres no school
    Willsmack301: to bad this isnt a guy n e more
    Willsmack301: but i can be a fag if u want
    pissedoffsol: i dont care who you are
    pissedoffsol: this is getting posted on the net as convo of the night
    Willsmack301: spok u
    pissedoffsol: congrats :)
    Willsmack301: thats
    Willsmack301: *thanks
    Willsmack301: it was fun
    Willsmack301: o wait...
    Willsmack301: that wass supossed to go to ur mom
    pissedoffsol: shes dead
    pissedoffsol: corpse fucker
    Willsmack301: yea but atleast it isnt little kids
    pissedoffsol: bah, go make me a spciy chicken meal bitch
    Willsmack301: im like a fat kid in doge ball im out
    Willsmack301: i dont work at kfc
    Willsmack301: that was thje other doche
    pissedoffsol: oh, you had to clean twice?
    pissedoffsol: nasty twat
    Willsmack301: no 3 times
    Willsmack301: so fresh n still not clean from lats night
    Willsmack301: with ur momma
    Willsmack301: u have quite a mouth for a 14 year old
    pissedoffsol: you have quite a cock for a 13 yr old
    Willsmack301: no that was the fat kid
    pissedoffsol: oh, the one who got out at dodgeball?
    Willsmack301: yea
    pissedoffsol: why don't you make like a fetus and head out?
    Willsmack301: lol
    Willsmack301: good one fucker
    pissedoffsol: make like satan and get the hell out of here
    Willsmack301: that one sucked
    pissedoffsol: make like horse shit and hit the trail
    Willsmack301: um make like a tree n leave
    pissedoffsol: make like a ball and bounce
    Willsmack301: or a banana and split
    Willsmack301: um u sure u aint chris brown
    pissedoffsol: i'm tupac
    Willsmack301: damn it i thought i killed u
    Auto response from pissedoffsol: I am away from my computer right now.

    pissedoffsol: your no body till someone kills you
    Willsmack301: um ur nobody tilll ur born
    Willsmack301: or somthing
    Willsmack301: then wqhen u die
    Willsmack301: ur u
    pissedoffsol: ur u
    pissedoffsol: good one
    pissedoffsol: assbag
    Willsmack301: ur as useless as a shit flavored lolipop
    pissedoffsol: you're as intelligent as anna nicole smith
    Willsmack301: no
    Willsmack301: she is smarter
    pissedoffsol: are you dan quail?
    Willsmack301: ?
    Willsmack301: wwho the fuck
    pissedoffsol: um, the former VP
    pissedoffsol: moron
    Willsmack301: um ok i hate usa
    Willsmack301: or somthinng
    pissedoffsol: thats ok. we'll bomb you soonm enough
    pissedoffsol: towel head
    Willsmack301: i m corn holio i need tp for my bung hole
    Willsmack301: shit how did u no fuck
    Willsmack301: umm go beat off i m board now
    Willsmack301: o n dont tell thee owner bout this
    pissedoffsol: dont forget your towel
    Willsmack301: thank but its a turban
    pissedoffsol: go pray or something
    pissedoffsol: its gotta be about that time
    Willsmack301: im trying if u would ever go away
    pissedoffsol: bye bye
  2. Dustin_m

    Dustin_m Active Member

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    May 21, 2003
    San Diego, CA
    who the hell was that? i started crackin up at the "omghi2ubbq" [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. tab

    tab Super Moderator

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    Jan 10, 2003
    Aberdeen, Washington State
    I read that whole damn thing.


  4. pissedoffsol

    pissedoffsol RETIRED

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    Sep 28, 2002
    Retirement Home
    lol i have no idea who it is. lol
  5. MugenCRX

    MugenCRX Senior Member

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    Mar 21, 2003
    Thornton CO
    That was WAAAAYYYYY too long. I would've gotten boredl.
  6. civicious

    civicious FüK-VTEC VIP

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    Jun 15, 2003
    Houston, TX
    I stopped reading when you started talking about wanting his cock...
  7. phunky.buddha

    phunky.buddha Admin with a big stick Admin VIP

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    Sep 30, 2002
    Dallas / Fort Worth, TX
  8. 94CivicSlow

    94CivicSlow Senior Member

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    Nov 9, 2004
  9. TurboMirage

    TurboMirage YEEAAAHHH VIP

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    May 20, 2003
    Central, MA
    AIDS is way cooler than this thread :)
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