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coolant bubbling over

Discussion in 'General Tech and Maintenance' started by inspecta83, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. inspecta83

    inspecta83 Senior Member

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    Oct 2, 2002
    ok, here goes...i have a '95 integra ls motor (odb 1) in my crx that i converted back to obd 0 using the crx engine harness. i thought that the motor was overheating b/c the coolant starts bubbling over into the reserve bottle on the side of the radiator after a few minutes and the climate gague on the cluster reads that its overheating (after about 5-7 minutes). but i know that its not overheating b/c i let it run for 30 minutes and the radiator hoses didnt feel hot enuff for it to be overheating AND my shop hooked up an external climate gauge that lets the coolant pass thru it and it indicated the temp. was normal, my shop also swears that the new OEM head gasket was installed properly....so my question is

    #1 why is the coolant bubbling over into the reserve bottle?

    #2 what could cause the climate gauge to give a false reading?

    #3 could this have anything to do with the sending unit or the temp sensor?

    also, im not sure if this could be related to the problem above, but whenever i start the car up for the first time (cold start), it takes me a couple of attempts to get it started. but after i finally get it started and let it run for the first time, every time i start it after that its ok. i was told that this could be due to the temp. sensor..is this true?

    thanks a mill.
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