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Cost To Install Lowering Springs

Discussion in 'Wheels / Suspension / Tires / Brakes' started by CMoney811, Jun 4, 2003.

  1. CMoney811

    CMoney811 Banned

    I have a 92 Honda Prelude and I just picked up some H&R sport springs. I was given a rought estimate by one shop that it would cost me around $200 to have them put on. Is this a good deal or should I shop around more. And please don't tell me I should just put them on myself, because I don't have the tools or the time to do so.


  2. lsvtec

    lsvtec GNU/Linux Evangelist

    DIY, it's the only way to go.
  3. dohcvtec_accord

    dohcvtec_accord WRX Sellout

    Well, as lsvtec said, DIY is the best way. But if you can't, $200 seems pretty high for just an install.
  4. lsvtec

    lsvtec GNU/Linux Evangelist

    If you have a friend that has done it before it shouldn't cost you more than a 6 pack and some pizza.
  5. SkorchedZero

    SkorchedZero Member

    I can't believe some of the shops around here. I've had a few quotes that were over 500 bucks for coilovers and struts. My lowest was 275 and that doesn't even include alignment.
  6. CRX-YEM

    CRX-YEM Super Moderator Moderator

    well it took me with jack stands and some guidance about 2 - 3 hrs.
    with a manual spring compressor. so at $75 an hour at most shops about $225
    but hell diy it's worth the learning experience and it ain't that hard to do.
  7. Havok

    Havok Senior Member

    Shops overcharge, when I fucked up my 02 sensor (actually, the fucker was stuck in my oem header, nothing would get it out) and I had to buy a new one, I had them get a quote for shock installation, and they wanted like 500 bucks just for shocks...

  8. CMoney811

    CMoney811 Banned

    DAMMIT, so it looks like I'm stuck payin the $$!!! Well, thanks anyways
  9. Baker

    Baker Senior Member

    average is between $250-$300
  10. for a shop install 200 - 300 is average . . . i have done many cars civics, neons, VWs, accords, and i charge $100.

    you in CT area? ;)
  11. Gen2Teg

    Gen2Teg Senior Member

    i got my eibachs in for $60 at a local shop:D the guy had asked me if i had been quoted already and i said yeah but i wasn't really thinking, my friend just said that he THOUGHT his gf had her springs put in at that place for $60 so when he asked me how much they quoted me i told him $60 and all he said was "wow ok, seems kinda cheap but if thats what they said..."
  12. sportlinecrx

    sportlinecrx Banned

    i paid the shop where i bought my eibachs $80 for installation.
  13. Capt. Orygun

    Capt. Orygun Win the Day

    it's not hard, I did it last month 2.5 hrs. But make sure you replace the shocks too. Using "sport" springs can very quickly wear out stock shocks, I have konis and they work for me, there built to be used with any kind of spring
  14. 90 accord

    90 accord Chicks dig the box Moderator

    i did it myself as well, about 6 months ago.. took me about 4 hours, becuase i had run into some problems..

    i.e. no spring compressor, fucked up wrenches, and a few others. give it to me again and i'll be able to do it in 2 hours or less..
  15. sohcslammer

    sohcslammer Senior Member

    Dude, $200?????? I pay $50-$60 to get springs put on... In fact, it was $75 to install 4 springs and my two rear shocks last month. For $200 I'd do it myself, but at @ $50 my time is worth more than that. I would rather have it done in 45 minutes at a shop.
  16. Tonyd0821

    Tonyd0821 Banned

    do it yourself. how can you consider yourself a "racer" if you dont do the work on your own car?
  17. riceboy123

    riceboy123 Junior Member

    true that but it doesn't take many tools my 95 civic took a 17 mm and a 14mm us a 1/2 in drive. and some other smaller one for the nuts on the brake line
  18. hondadude199

    hondadude199 New Member

    my dad works at a big chevy delership so I put her up on a lift, installed my springs and shocks (new mounts as well), slipped one of my friends (he is a tech) 30 bucks and he aligned every thing in about 2 hours :D
  19. cxjon

    cxjon Senior Member

    one place said to me 350 after tax. thats for springs struts and cv joint. i have all the parts already
  20. Tonyd0821

    Tonyd0821 Banned

    when i put "coilovers" on my civic .... it took me about 5 hours.

    i had no idea what i was doing, and had to get my neighbor to help out a bit in getting the assembly out.

    DIY. you learn alot more.

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