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Could some help on some swap questions?

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by hondaman74, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. hondaman74

    hondaman74 Honda Power

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    May 2, 2004
    My question after reading a lot of different things in search for what I need to know.

    Ok here is my swap job.I have a 1994 civic dx coupe.
    This has an automatic tranny in it. Now I have a complete swap from a 1991 integra ls.
    The entire front end as a matter of fact.That is a 5 speed b18a1.
    Ok now I am wanting to do this swap soon but what exactly do I need.
    I read that I need 94 and up integra axles for the swap to work.
    I am hoping this is a straight bolt up deal here. I have also read that I will need a hasport motor mounts to do the job of mounting this engine in.

    Question 1
    Now what about the tranny it has a cable clutch not a hydro.Should I get a hydro conversion for this set up? Being that im making my car go from auto to 5 speed set up.

    Question 2
    Also which pedal set up should I use for this? Should I find some civic 5 speed pedal from that year to use or can I take the pedal out of the integra and swap them in.

    Question 3
    Now with that said what about ecu setup?I think I will be using a 94-95 PR4 for my ecu for this setup.I read this out of the book im using honda acura engine performance.

    Question 4
    Now my other question is my gauge cluster .It is an auto cluster can I use a civic 5 speed cluster or will I need to use the integra cluster?

    Question 5
    My civic has power steering and will I be able to keep it after the engine swap or should I just dump it and cap off the lines.

    I have tried to include all of my question in this post so I can get all the answers I need in this post. I really hope I can get answers here because I plan on doing a big write up with pics to post on here on the job.That way I too can help out anyone in my situation.
    Like everyone here has helped me out. Thanks everyone for your help in this matter
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2006
  2. hondaman74

    hondaman74 Honda Power

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    May 2, 2004
  3. igotnothin

    igotnothin New Member

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    Oct 2, 2006
    harford co MD
    ill help a little but do some more searching.

    it is a cable transmission and you have an auto. i would just do a cable clutch swap. why chage the car to hydro and the trany when you have a cable trany. that my opinion

    if you make it hydro any civic of the same gen would work. if you make it cable i think the peddle asembly will work out of any civic, but you might have to fabricate something on the 1992+ models to make the cable atatch. idk if the integra will work

    did your front end come with an ecu for the b18a. if so use that. i dont know jack shit about 1991 b18a maby some one can back me up but is that obd0 if so than you might want to convert it to obd1 or well read up many ways to go about that.

    keep the cluster you have if you want or get a manuel from a 92 95 civic. the integra wont fit i dont think. make sure you get a tack. lol

    um yea if yu have the front end just use the pwr stearing pump that came with the engine and hook it up like it was in your car.
  4. EG6Civic83

    EG6Civic83 New Member

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    Aug 12, 2006
    1). Hasport makes a cable transmission bracket that you can use to put cable transmissions into a hydro chassis. Check it out.

    2). Get you the stuff for your body style CIvic and make things easy on yourself

    3). The ECU from the Teg is OBDO. You need to make sure about the smog laws in your state because switching from an OBDI motor (which you have) to an OBD0 motor (the LS) is illegal in states with strict emissions laws. Otherwise, I would find me a P28 or something and chip it.

    4). You will need the cluster for your car. The 91 Teg is not going to fit.

    5). You can retain power steering if you use the B series pump and your tank neck and lines from your D series. I know because I just put a B series in my car and that is what I did.
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