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D15B2 swap Distributor connectors?

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by TexasGripper, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. TexasGripper

    TexasGripper New Member

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    Jul 25, 2007
    Alright, here is the deal. I had bought a 1988 Honda CRX Si from a military guy (He is in korea right now) Drove the car around for awhile and recently in the past few months started having some trouble with it staying started (The usual honda problem) At one point it would just turn off or just wouldn't start sometimes and then it would only start with B-12 in the throttle body. Finally the whole thing just gave out and the fuel pump wasn't turning on at all, we figured the main relay or bad wires somewhere. Put in a new relay, new fuel pump, new fuel filter, checked all the wires they're good and the fuel lines are not clogged. I sent the car to a shop to be fixed and they came to the conclusion that it was my distributor, that the ignitor and coil went out in it and I need a new distributor. I found a brand new one for 195 bucks and gave them the part, they put it in and said it fit but the connectors didn't fit (It had one square and one round connector and I need a distributor with two round connectors, supposedly it's a special order part.) I couldn't understand why i had a special order part considering the distributor I bought was a D15B2 distributor, it should of worked. But here's the thing, the guy who owned the car before blew the 1.6 (hence why I have an Si, with a D15B2) and dropped a D15B2 in it, and I'm guessing he kept the 1.6 wiring harness in it. I can't figure this out myself, but i think since i have a D15B2 in it and the distributor for it fits the engine but not the wiring harness, they have a "Special order" distributor that fits my engine but the wiring harness of the other? I need some help on this one guys, these a$$holes want me to pay some bucks for this and with all the money numbers they're coming up with, I could just buy a Vtec and have it dropped in for just a few hundred more. Any help would be great, get back ASAP! thanks alot
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