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d16 diy turbo ?'s

Discussion in 'Forced Induction' started by SPEEDFREAK0920, Nov 11, 2008.


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    Mar 28, 2004
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    i have a few ?'s about my diy turbo d16 project...

    i am running a d16 with a honda hf mani. mated (custom) to an evo 8 16g turbo. i understand the turbos off the evo's are twin scroll, thus my problem....

    i am making my own TURBO TO MANI. ADAPTER. i'm using this picture as my reference:[​IMG]

    first, i have access to steel and a plasma cutter. thus the reason for making my own adapter plate. BUT, do i need to "fade" the smaller port as it is in the picture? or will it be ok to cut out that whole "faded" corner and leave it as a bigger port? im guessing the "fade" in the port has to do with the direction of airflow in the manifold. "twin scroll" which in turn would the reason why my evo 8 turbo spools soo fast (full boost at 3-3.5k)

    my 2nd ?....... when bolting up the turbo to the adapter then to the manifold, is there a certian direction the turbo must be placed? (ex: when all bolted up should the cold side/intake side of the turbo be facing the pass. side or driver side of my civic engine bay? sorry if this is complicating to understand

    and lastly......
    if i ran ,say, dsm 440injectors, would i have to use the dsm clips also? then cut and splice those clips into my d16 fuel rain? im asking because my buddy has 19lb. injectors off a 89 mustand 5.0 with clips. would these work with my d16 fuel rail?

    thnx for everyones help.
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