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Discussion in 'General Tech and Maintenance' started by paki, Jun 25, 2004.

  1. paki

    paki Junior Member

    according 2 info on this site the d16 y5 makes abt 115 peak hp in stock form. how much of an increase in hp should it get with a y8 intake manifold on it.

    my reason 2 ask is that here in pakistan the 96-2000 vtec civics were offered with a d16y6 which was the first efi n vtec civic offered from factory. it shares the same block n head as the y5 but has the y8 intake n exhaust manifold n a y8 tranny. the code on the ecu is p6F which i beleive operates in a closed loop circuit since these cars r not eqipped with o2 sensors.

    lastly if i swap this head with a d15z7 head ( jdm obd2 d15b dual vtec solenoids n a similar cam DESIGN like the y8 ) will it operate properly or i would have 2 change the ecu 2 the relevant code as well. if im not wrong this would be a similar mini me like the y5 block n y8 head.

    any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanx.
  2. pissedoffsol

    pissedoffsol RETIRED

    the y8 manifold will probably give you about 5 hp.

    is your car fuel injected now?
  3. paki

    paki Junior Member

    honoured 2 have an admin reply 2 my post!!!
    yes the car is fuel injected. the d16y6 is i beleive a mix of the y5 n y8 from factory , as i wrote in my previous message that it shares the same block n head as the y5 but has the y8 intake n xhaust manifold n tranny ( 4.25 fd ) but the ecu is an obd2 P6F operating in a closed loop circuit .
    this ecu is i guess designed 2 run the motor without the use of an o2 sensor so no o2 from factory. well none of the EFI cars that are assembled here have o2 sensors n by the way we dont even have catalytic convertors hence making the cars exhausts less restrictive.
    anyway getting 2 the point, if u put a y8 head n intake mani on a y5 block but retain the y5 ecu would it run at all or not up 2 the mark of a proper y8 or the relevant ecu has 2 b swapped as well 2 make this hybrid operate. does the y8 head have 2 vtec solenoids or 1.

    thanx in advance.

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