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d16y7 to d15b swap need help

Discussion in 'Civic and del Sol - EG and EK' started by 4doorekboosted, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. 4doorekboosted

    4doorekboosted New Member

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    Sep 5, 2012
    before anything this is my first swap ive done... ok i have a 97 ex ek 4door which i recently blew up the motor. i bought a d15b out of a 95 coupe auto. since it was automatic i can only use the head and block. i have 2kids so dont really have alot of money for this build so i heard that if i dont want to wire up vtec i can still use my y7 intake,injectors,altnator and dizzy from my d16y7 so thats what i did. now i put the whole swap in all motor mounts fit and wire harness wires up. except for a plug on the bck of my y7 top of the altnator there is no plug on the d15b to plug it in but i was told that dosent mean anything. so all my other plugs are plugged in and fit. the dizzy only bolts up with one bolt as i read on honda tech and was told thats fine as long as it is sittin the same way it was sittin on the y7 so it is. firing order is correct dizzy has spark fuel pump turns on. now i didnt change the ecu so its the stock ecu from the y7 which i think is p08. everytime i try and start the car is almost turns over but dosent. i was told it can be the dizzy but everything ive tried still dosent turn on. and all the advice my friends have is well if its getting fuel and spark it should start but its not so i just need alil advice if any1 has any. all the plugs are plugged in right there are 2 that are the same on the intake but they are in the right spot as ive checked. ive went over my motor several times and just dont no what the problem is...any advice can help..
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