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d16y7 turbo ?

Discussion in 'Forced Induction' started by Shook one, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. Shook one

    Shook one New Member

    i was wondering if it would be better to turbo my 00 civic dx(d16y7) or to do a mini-me swap with a y8 and then turbo my engine ? what are the pros and cons to turbo a d16y7 ? i want to be sure that i will not blow my engine if i put a turbo in it..
    i suppose that the 2nd option is the better one but it'll be more expensive..
  2. natalcarlos

    natalcarlos New Member

    My 2 Cents

    IM going from y7 to y8 my engine by swaping cylinder head intake manifold and the ECU (which Im still looking for because I extract those parts from a Automatic 98 EX). I recommend you going y8 as well and installing the turbo. Any If im not wrong you will have to open the engine apart to change ur piston to low compression ones, like I said if Im wrong. Hope my 2 cents were useful.

    :DViva la D16-series!!!!! lol:D
  3. hooligan

    hooligan New Member

    If you are planning to make over 190 hp on the engine then you want to at least change the connecting rods and pistons b/c the stock connecting rods usually can only handle around 200 hp before they blow up ur engine. If you plan on doing that, you might as well upgrade the head with a turbo cam, port and polish head, etc, depending on how much you want to spend.
  4. Shook one

    Shook one New Member

    ok i will probably upgrade the head with a y8 before turboing my car, but does anybody knows if there are any hp gains with port and polish head ? also i've heard that the y7 tranny is bad, should i switch to a y8 cuz if i turbo my car maybe i'll be ok with the y7 tranny? what other parts will I need to change if i turbo my car ?
    thanks again
  5. hooligan

    hooligan New Member

    If your gunna have your motor all torn apart you might as well gett port and polish, valve job, etc. A better flowing head is worth it if your looking to make big hp. You can do a mild port and polish your head and manifold and it will gain your turbo d16 maybe 10hp but a complete port and polish can give you 30+ if done right. You can go all out and get a custom ENDYN head- www.theoldone.com for around 1000 bucks
  6. phunky.buddha

    phunky.buddha Admin with a big stick Admin

    There are definitely gains with a port and polish, but it's usually not one of the first things that you do with your engine on a buildup.
  7. hooligan

    hooligan New Member

    before you start buying parts look up all the prices b/c you can easily spend 2,500 on a good turbo kit (www.turbo-kits.com) and another 2,500 on everything else- labor 75$ an hour -tuning 100$ an hour. do not buy the cheep turbo kits off of ebay or ssautocrome b/c they will last about a month.
  8. Shook one

    Shook one New Member

    what should i do first then ?

    Thx for all btw^_^
  9. hooligan

    hooligan New Member

    Well, what we need to know is how much $ you have to throw at the project, how much time you want to spend and what experience you have with cars, so we can steer you in the right direction.
  10. Shook one

    Shook one New Member

    i don't have a lot of experience but i'll do all the stuff with one of my friends so installation of all the stuff is not a problem.. i would say that i have about 3000$ to put in that project. do you think i could get something good with that ? and what mods should i do ?

    DESPAIN yep....mmhhm.......yep...

    you need the turbo kit.....2500$ for a decent onw, injectors300$,fuel pump100$,chipped ecu500$. hondata or chrome,misc. parts250$...good tune 150$/hr....min.2hrs.300$. now this is just the start and i mean JUST THE START! there will be more $$$ here and there. need some stuff fabed up;welded;cut........
  12. hooligan

    hooligan New Member

    Yes you can make descent turbo setup with that but it might take you awhile b/c you will have to get mostly used parts.( New turbo kits cost around 3000$ and thats not all the parts). I've seen some nice rebuilt turbos on ebay for around 400 bucks, You can always find good used (namebrand) parts- intercoolers, piping, injectors, cast iron manifolds, etc. I would get new pistons, rods, etc. the internal stuff if you need them. Put up a post to spread the word your looking for some new and used turbo parts.
    - get it tuned by a pro
    -be patient and do it right
    - get a good torgue wrench for over 100$
    - (do your research)- compression ratio, turbo sizes, detonation!!!!
    - (DO YOUR RESEARCH) It aint easy and mistakes are expensive!!!!
  13. Shook one

    Shook one New Member

    i was thinking about an engine swap.. maybe a jdm b16a or b16a2 could be interesting.. for sure its less power than a turbo, but its good hp.. stock engine = 106 hp with no vtec vs. b16a2 = 160hp vtec or jdm b16a4 = 174 hp.. it would be less expensive than a turbo and all the stuff needed, do you think it might be a good option? would my d16y7 tranny fit with a b16 engine ? are there other parts that i would need to buy besides ecu and engine ?
    thanks again for the tips ! ;)
  14. hooligan

    hooligan New Member

    B16 is a good platform for any civic. You can always put a turbo on it later and not worry about blowing it up. B16's internals can easily handle a turbo making 300hp. If you don't plan on putting a turbo on any time soon go ahead and get a B18 because the extra torque. The extra .2 liter makes a difference.

    B16a4 = 174 hp @ 7800 rpm & 111 ft·lbf @ 7300 rpm
    B18c1 = 170 hp @ 7100 rpm & 128 ft·lbf @ 6200 rpm
  15. Shook one

    Shook one New Member

    thanks for all dude, i think i'll go for a b16a4 or b16a2 cuz i'm not sure if i'll put a turbo later on it. thanks again for help !:thumbsup:
  16. solrocket1

    solrocket1 New Member

    build your own turbo set up dont by a kit. its the better way to go u can get a better turbo set of buy buying the stuff sep then buyin a greddy kit or what ever kind. plus its usauly cheaper to. trust me on this ive bought 2 turbo kits and then decided to build my own kit and its alot cheaper and better

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