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D16Y8 alternator and dizzy on P28?! PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by tnuts47, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. tnuts47

    tnuts47 91 Civic Std

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    May 12, 2008
    New Jersey
    Ok so from looking around these forums, I found out why my freshly swapped 1991 Civic with a D16Y8 in it does not start. I am running a OBD1 P28 ecu and so forth, the dizzy and alternater from the Y8 will not work with the P28 ecu. Is there ANY WAY WHATSOEVER to rewire the Y8 dizzy and alternator to work with the P28 ecu? please help. It took me 4 months to figure out why my car wouldn't start, now I wanna see if I can rewire them instead of just getting a D15B7 dizzy and alternator. I AM BROKE. HELP!
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