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D16Y8 to Y7 Downgrade; having issues

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by econorocket, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. econorocket

    econorocket New Member

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    Oct 16, 2006
    Yes, I know: WHY?! Well, I am a soldier stationed in Germany and this is the only engine I could find that had a good chance of working. Any ways, the car in question is a 1996 Civic EX that had the Y8 self destruct on the autobahn. Two of us pulled out the old Y8, but I had to put in a German spec Y7 alone about a month and a half after pulling the original. This meant the job was very much like piecing together a very big, heavy, and greasy puzzle together. I used the Y8 intake and exhaust manifolds on the Y7 longblock. The problem I now face is there are connectors that are not connected. I know the VTEC connections will remain unplugged, as well as the knock sensor connector. I have two on the backside of the tranny. One looks like it will probably be the engine ground connector, the other that is possibly for the engine coolant switch. The one currently on the thermostat housing is broken, so I am unable to see what the connector is like. NOW, the one that is really a pain in my neck is the crankshaft speed fluctuation sensor. I know where it should be located, but I just can not see it. Do I have to remove the timing belt cover to see and connect it? Would anyone happen to have a picture of this sensor and it's location? It would be greatly appreciated. This car is becoming more of a headache than I expected and I really need some help.
    Would not having these connectors in particular be causing the vehicle not to start? I replaced the EX's ECM with a Y7's, put in a new battery, and still do not have any spark. I'm racking my brain here, but with the limited time I've been able to work on the car and my inexperience with Hondas is not making this swap any easier.
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