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Discussion in 'General Tech and Maintenance' started by BigJ, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. BigJ

    BigJ I'm just about that action Boss.

    To time a d16z6 which mark do you go off of the main crank pully, assuming the timing belt was put on currect. I think I did it wrong, using the ignition timing mark instead of the other mark that is there. It is running fine, but there is an extremely annoying whiney noise coming from this area.

    I have since after driving it parked the car. Please someone help me out if you know the fix for this.
  2. cws13

    cws13 Senior Member

    First off, you need to use the mark on the crank gear, not the crank pully.
  3. BigJ

    BigJ I'm just about that action Boss.

    So I have to pull that bitch off again!?!?!? AGH! So gay! I was under the impression you could use the Main Pully....
  4. Canuck 93 Civic Si

    Canuck 93 Civic Si Senior Member

    Valve timing is measured off the timing belt pulley. I think hes talking about ignition timing though.

    To time the ignition you need to jumper the connector located on the right side of the glove box opening (remove the glove box first). Its only got two contacts and has a green or brown rubber cover on it. Then with the engine running, you use a timing light to line up the white mark on the crank pulley with the pointers on the timing belt cover.

    However, that shouldnt make any noise at all and your engine wouldnt run just right. I think maybe you have one of the washers on the crank timing belt pulley on wrong and the timing belt is rubbing on something.

    Pull it apart again, replace the belt if it is infact rubbing on something and make sure you put everything back the way its supposed to be. The washers on either side of the crank gear, have a raised rounded edge that needs to face inward to keep the belt in the center. Otherwise, the sharp edges will wear away the sides of the belt.

    Good Luck
  5. cws13

    cws13 Senior Member

    yes, there is a TDC mark on the pully but what I was referring to was using the arrow and mark on the crank gear while you have the t-belt covers off and are doing the job. That is the best way, I like to be able to double check and see everything lined up as it should be after I tension the t-belt. Washers are a common mistake too.
  6. BigJ

    BigJ I'm just about that action Boss.

    K thanks guys. I'm doing an mpfi conversion this coming week to the car, so I'll do it then. See the thing is, I just replaced the timing belt, and so far there isn't any visible wear. Its just quite annoying, and yeah I think the timing is off a little bit, or the thing is rubbing like you said.

    Hopefully when I pull it off it's still on the right mark.
  7. FamilyD

    FamilyD Runs like a scalded dog!!

    Sounds like (no pun intended) improper timing belt tension.

    Run timing belt tensioning procedure per Helms.

  8. cws13

    cws13 Senior Member

    Good point, the worst is the freaking balance shaft belts on Accords, if they are even snug they'll whine like hell.

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