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D16z6 y8intake flik switch vtec :p advice plz

Discussion in 'ECU's, Electronics, and Tuning' started by VrackLAtracK, Jul 30, 2015.

  1. VrackLAtracK

    VrackLAtracK New Member

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    Jul 30, 2015
    K i just bote a d16z6jap in a 96 hatch , with a y8 intake and it looks like a D15 head , its chiped so it cuts off a 8000RPM , my vtec didnt work so i bypassed it to a on off switch (and it works :D and yes i only flik it on over 5500rpm and i never let go of the throttle with it on , i shift a litle over 7200rpm so it stays in vtec and i turn it off whene i press the clutch) aldow its not the best its better thene no vtec at all ..i have bocht spark plugs its realy time i chage theme . I have 165 compretion on both the right cylinder (whene you face the car) and 150 in the tow left , i am wandering wy , is it bad , am i doing the right thing with my vtec switch lol , and since the celenoid is well grounded for shure dose it make it so its always a bit on , or dose i make it go on at low rpm like iv herd its goes on at 3200 automatikly cus it feels difrent than it did and the vtec is realy smoth but its kool :) so ca i get some anwers pleaz
  2. TurboMirage

    TurboMirage YEEAAAHHH VIP

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    May 20, 2003
    Central, MA
    why did you make so many topics? are you also typing from a t9 flip phone?
  3. Briansol

    Briansol Admins Admin VIP

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    Nov 18, 2007
    please only post once. deleted all your other threads.

    please type in english. i'm not even going attempt to decipher any more of that.
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