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Decisions, and HG Problems

Discussion in 'General Tech and Maintenance' started by EGProject, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. EGProject


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    Jun 26, 2004
    Whitinsville, Massachusetts
    Well, as much as I've been trying to tell myself nothing is wrong - today I confronted the inevitable.
    I have a slow HG leak.

    Yeah, I've always been avoiding why theres random black sludge in my overflow bottle - and why small amounts of coolant are constantly leaving my cooling system.

    I emptied out my overflow bottle today when I was adding more anti-freeze to the system (for winter) and decided to clean it out again. I stuck my nose inside and there was a HUGE aroma of oil. Sure enough, I stick my finger inside the top, and that sludge has a brown sheen to it up against a cloth.

    Fuck. [​IMG]

    Alright - It's not a cataclysmic blow-out, but it is on its way out. I fill the cooling system back up, and park the car. I'm figuring that the engine has made it this far - and it can hold through the winter. I'm not running the engine very hard (i.e. I don't race, or beat on it) so I don't think its gonna magically blow. I'm gonna try some of that pour-in HG sealer as a bandage for the winter - but this engine is on it's last leg.

    Okay, need all the HS'ers to pitch in here - I need to figure out what's gonna make sense. I really don't think it's worth my time and money to replace the HG on a 134k mile D15B7. So here are my considerations..

    1. Replace the HG - bite the bullet and maybe boost it in the future.

    2. Wait out the winter, then ditch the motor and swap in a B18C1, or B18B.

    3. Again, wait out the winter, D16Z6 headswap.

    Thanks for any input - its appreciated.
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