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Del Sol S D15B7 to D16y8 swap question

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by oakley2002@cox.net, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. oakley2002@cox.net

    oakley2002@cox.net Junior Member

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    Mar 23, 2003
    I need to figure out what this swap will require and you guys are always so helpful... hoping this time will be the same! I have a 94 Del Sol S. The history... I bought a z6 head and did a mini-me swap, and shortly after found the piston rings were also bad. The car has sat in my garage for 8 months now as I have another car. Last month i decided screw it, i'm just dropping in a d16y7 since i got it for $200. That engine ended up having 150 compression in cyl 1-3, and 75 in 4... so i was screwed again.
    Now, I found a local deal that I need to take advantage of SOON. Theres a D16y8 engine with suposidly 17k miles... if not o well. Comes with manual tranny, ECU, distributor, intake manifold, etc... full swap. I can pick it up for $300... at most $350... if I act fast. He has positive feedback online, and lives near me. This time I will also write up a contract so if this guy happens to screw me... which he shouldnt... I can take him to small claims court.
    I want my swap done right, so I'm paying a mechanic from my car club to install it... he's doing it very cheap since its a friend. He is very knowledgable about cars... but doesn't know very much about Hondas... it's a probe/mx6 car club. What is the cheapest and easiest way we can do the swap? When I asked about a d16y7 swap i was told I could just swap the intake manifolds, distributer, etc, and use the original harness. Why is this one different? I've heard methods ranging from buying an expensive wiring harness addition to cutting and soldering connectors... and am pretty damn confused about what would work.
    If anyone could please tell me what I need to do with the wiring, and about how much more it will run me, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks A LOT :worthy:

    edit: talked to my friend, he said it wouldn't be a problem if we had to swap some of the old connectors, etc.... so now i just need to know if this can be done
  2. HondaMoCo

    HondaMoCo Senior Member

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    Jan 8, 2003
    lancaster/palmdale So Cal
    you are gonna need the intake manifold, injectors and distributor from your old motor, he distributor isnt going to ilt up, so you are gonna have to cut the arms of and use washers, other then that just plug your old harness up to the new motor all the sesors will already be there, the only extra sensor you will have is the Crank fluctuation sensor, down by the crank pully, just leave that disconnected and dont worry about it.
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