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DIY: Coil over installation on a 94 Integra, Ground Control and KYG struts

Discussion in 'General Tech and Maintenance' started by mac_24_seven, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. mac_24_seven

    mac_24_seven I trained Trogdor to pWn

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    Sep 27, 2006
    Alright. This was the first time I've ever done ANY suspension work of any kind..
    and I have to say it's much easier than most people would think (easier than I thought anyway).

    So, this little guide should give a n00b a good idea of what they are getting into and
    what to expect. This is by no means perfect. I’m sure I’m gonna leave some stuff out
    and their may be a better way to go about doing something. I’ll do my best to
    describe what I did and any problems I encountered. If something is wrong, please,
    let me know and I’ll update so as to not mislead anybody.

    With that said, here we go!

    The patient is a 1994 GSR Sedan names Aeirs. I’ll be installing Ground Control coil overs (dampers) w/KYB struts.

    Now, the first thing you want to do is get it off the ground w/jack stands, or
    jacks. Whatever is safe. Absolutely, NEVER EVER EVER EVER get under
    or work around a car that's not secure. Jacks can fail and stuff breaks.. You
    don't need to be under a car when it happens. Safety is more important than
    your car being low :p

    I chose to do my like this..

    So, if the jack failed, the blocks would catch it, and if the blocks failed, the car would
    still be resting on the tires(had tires on the other side, underneath as well. So, I felt safe.)

    Tools needed:
    Jack/jack stands
    12-18 MM sockets/wrenches
    A buddy (always helpful if you have one around)
    Some Nirvana (preferably Nevermind, but whatever works for you )

    First up: The front suspension.

    #0: Obviously, remove the tires :p

    #1: Remove the two 12mm bolts holding the brake lines to the strut.

    The brake lines have a little bracket they are bolted to on the damper,
    (2) 12 mm bolts I believe. I used a 1/4 drive ratchet to get em’ off. Be sure to move
    the brake lines out of the way so they don't get caught in between a spring.

    #2: Remove 14 MM bolt on the damper fork.
    Now, the damper sits in a little socket in the damper fork. It has a 14 mm bolt going
    through a flange that screws into a self locking nut, to clamp the assembly down and
    hold it in place.
    It looks like so:

    #3: Remove the 17 (or 18mm) bolt holding the damper fork into place.
    Next up, you need to loosen the damper fork so the whole assembly will drop
    down.. I forget the size of the nut, but I think its like a 17 or 18 mm.

    It looks like this..

    #4: Remove the two 12 MM nuts holding the damper in place in the engine
    Once that bolt is removed, you can then go up top and remove the 2 nuts holding the
    whole assembly on
    You can do it w/out removing the strut bar (if you have a GSR or aftermarket) but I
    decided it would be easier and went ahead and took it out.

    With those last 2 nuts, the complete damper assembly will pull right out. You have to
    wiggle it and maneuver it through the suspension components, but it'll come out.

    The finished product! Asbestos FTW!

    Now for the rear.. which is slightly more aggrivating than the front.

    #1: Remove the backets holding down the wheel sensor line. 12MM bolts.

    #2: Remove flange bolt holding the damper in place.

    Next up, is the very annoying bolt thats hard to remove and even harder to get back
    in. It's a 17 or 18 mm.
    Use a punch or a screw driver, once it's loose, and tap it out of its home. Or pull it
    w/some pliers, whichever way you so choose.
    It's on the far left of the picture, at the bottom. I've already removed the bolt in the

    #3: OPTIONAL
    I didn't take a picture of it, but your gonna want to remove the bolt holding the sway bar (if you have one) so you have some more room to play with.

    #4: Remove nuts holding the damper in place, in the trunk. 12MM bolts
    With those done, you can go up top and remove the two 12 mm nuts holding the
    assembly in. If you have a 2 door, you have to remove a lil cover to get to them. in a 4 door, you have to remove the panels in the trunk, as I did.

    With evrything loose, you can now remove the assembly. Your gonna have to push down on the rotor (or drum) so give yourself the room to remove the damper. Kind of tricky, but not too bad.

    Now for the goods
    Sexy huh?

    The assembly is just the reverse of the removal for the front and back. It’s helpful to
    have 2 sets of hands to do this, but one person can manage.

    A tip for the rear...Remember that big bolt I said was hard to get out?

    Using a jack, pick up the suspension and line up the hole so the bolt will go through. Use a hammer to lightly tap on the bolt while raising/lowering (whatever you need to go) to get it to go back home. Not the easiest thing to do, but you kind of have to, so don't whine :p

    As for the front, the dampers are opposite hand (a left and a right.) The bracket for
    the brakes won't line up with the brake hoses.
    Also, three is a little indention in the strut where the bolt you removed here..

    The bolt and that indention MUST line up.

    And then, the finished product. I bought these from a guy who had em on his Integra,
    so they were already set up, so I haven’t adjusted them YET. But it’s suppose to be
    really easy :p

    Overall, it's a pretty straightforward process. Anybody w/half a brain should be able
    to do it. It's a simple as knowing what you have to take out, and removing any
    bolts/nuts that are hindering you from doing so.

    IF I need to add/change anything that may be correct, don’t flame, just let me
    know and I’ll be more than happy to change it. I want this to, maybe just
    maybe, help somebody out one day. J
  2. TurboMirage

    TurboMirage YEEAAAHHH VIP

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    May 20, 2003
    Central, MA
    make things a bit easier - on the back control arms you see those three bolts plus the swaybar endlink bolt? pop out the bolt under the hub itself, then remove the middle bolt aka shock bolt. you wont kill yourself getting the shock bolt in and out :)

    great writeup!!!!
  3. Andrew

    Andrew Well-Known Member

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    Mar 2, 2006
    Tallahassee, FL
    Great writeup Terrance!

  4. Citizen_Insane

    Citizen_Insane Senior Member

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    Jul 24, 2003
    Nice write up, I could have used this when I did my suspension...oh well I figured it out ok. Just a little nitpicky thing: "Ground Control coil overs (dampers) w/KYB struts." - coilovers = springs not dampers. The damper is the strut.
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