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DNS Changer

Discussion in 'Computers, Games, Electronics etc' started by reckedracing, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. reckedracing

    reckedracing TTIWWOP VIP

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    Dec 5, 2002
    malware DNSchanger serves going offline July 9th, if your computer is infected you will be limited to using xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx instead of domain names
    2nd paragraph has a link to check if your DNS is acting appropriately

    It sounds like one of those annoying chain emails that show up from technically challenged acquaintances: "The FBI Will Take Your Computer Offline July 9 If It Has A Virus! Visit This Site Immediately To Check!! Forward This To Everyone You Know!!!"
    But the Federal Bureau of Investigation really has posted a warning on its site about the risk of "DNSChanger" malware, which really will result in your computer getting disconnected from the Web on July 9 if you don't clean it up.
    Early advice on checking for a DNSChanger infection required a fair degree of technical skill, but now you just need to be able to read one line of text or know the difference between green and red. Visit www.dns-ok.us; if you see a green background to the image on that page and the words "DNS Resolution = GREEN," you're safe. (Your Internet provider may also offer a similar service. Comcast subscribers, for example, can check their computers at amibotted.comcast.net.)

    The Virus That Really Will Kill Your PC July 9 : Discovery News
  2. Briansol

    Briansol Admins Admin VIP

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    Nov 18, 2007
    I almost want to get an infected machine to see what happens....
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